To The Grandpa I Lost Too Soon

To The Grandpa I Lost Too Soon

I miss you.


Where did you go? I grew up learning that we go to heaven or hell, but what about you? You left and I don't know if I'll ever see you again. The comforting is over and here comes the wonder in my heart, I'm truly curious. I want to know if I'll ever see you again. If you'll ever get to hug me one last time. Your mind was running from you, sometimes you couldn't remember everything.. But do you remember me? Like I remember you?

It feels like the time I had with you was too short. So, where are you now? It's not fair, the world. We grow up and get taken advantage of and we get our hearts stolen. And now God has stolen you from me. At least that's what I've always been told. You could be right beside me, I wouldn't know. But even if you were, I still can't see you. I haven't seen you for so long. You cried when you realized I was leaving for Texas and my heart was broken, too. You just couldn't hold onto your mind the way others could and I felt bad because you were in the dark sometimes. But either way, I still miss you. We all miss you a lot.

Your funeral took a toll on me, I'm not entirely sure why. I was your little girl, from the time you met me. I was 12 and I made it all the way up until I was 16, almost 17. April 2nd was the day you left and I regret not being there. But I do remember talking on the phone with you that day. I told you that I loved you, I hope you remember. I hope you heard me over the phone, despite your terrible hearing. I hope you knew I loved you regardless.

Someone once told me that your loved ones come back to watch over you as a cardinal. I never believed in those things, until May 2nd 2015. Exactly one month from you leaving, I saw you outside. You were looking in, looking for me. And I had chills because I knew it was you. I knew you had come to see me. Your vibrant, red wings let you soar for miles. And you had traveled all the way to Texas.

Every once in a while, I see you. Not so often now, but I know you are there. So, the question isn't much of, "where did you go?" But "where will you go?"

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