To The Class Of 2017,

Some of us having been going to school together since kindergarden and some of us since middle school or high school. Some of our class has moved to different schools. But regardless we are the Class of 2017. What an honor? It feels like yesterday we were awkwardly walking down the hallow halls of high school as freshman. Immature fourteen year old's who thought we knew everything. We've had fights with our friends and with accantiences. We've had plenty of drama. We've cried and we've laughed. The past four years have draged by as well as flew by. Who knew it could do both? We've almost made it through the "best years of our lives."

The next month will contain events we've been so excited for since we can remember. When they started annoucing these events that's when it hit me. Senior dinner, Class Day, GRADUATION DAY. Like what?? It's too early to be talking about that! You'll be busy busy busy. Between making sure you have everything in order for college and making sure everything is turned in for events. These last few weeks will go by so fast. We all couldn't wait to be out but now it's here. We will be walking down the cold, crowded halls for the last time these next few weeks. We'll do our daily routine that we've been doing for the past four years so it feels almost natural to do it. But after these next few weeks we'll never do it again. We'll leave the one things we've ever known for the past 12 years. That's scary no matter how you look at it.

For the next few years a lot of us will play on that same field we've been playing on since freshman year for the last time. Some of us will edit the year book for the last time. Some of us will cheer for our school for the last time.

We'll be the last few weeks with the teacher that we swore we couldn't wait to never see again but deep down you really just wanna thank one or two of them because you probably would have never passed geometry without them.

This is the end of it all. The end of the fights in the hall way that we run to see. The end of the girls hogging the sink in the bathroom to fix their makeup. The end of eatting the cafeteria food that we complained about every chance we got.

This seems like it just popped up out of the blew and it's sad now even though we rushed it for four years. Let's agree to make the most of it. Let's go to school for the classes you have. Lets study for our exams so we can past. Let's prove everyone who said you couldn't do it that you can do it.

I pray for every single one of you who are graduating this year. Whether you choose to go to a college 1,000 miles away or go to a close by technically college, whether you decide to go straight to work and skip the college life, or even if you decide to live with your mom for the rest of your life. I pray that you get everything you've ever wanted in life.

Be proud that we are the Class of 2017.


- A member of the class of 2017