To The Girl Waiting on Her Husband:
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To The Girl Waiting on Her Husband:

You aren't alone.

To The Girl Waiting on Her Husband:

Girl. You. Are. Not. Alone.

If you're anything like me, you are watching your friends get married and have babies. I have been in several of my friend's weddings. I have stood by them on their happiest day as they marry their best friend, including a wedding a month after I broke off my engagement at the venue where I thought I would have my "happiest day." I have gotten those oh so sweet "I'm Pregnant!" phone calls and Facetimes. I have attended bridal teas, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and caught so many bouquets while I wondered "Will I really be next this time?"

I have watched through mutual friends and social media as ex-boyfriends and even the ex-fiance found "their person" and started their "happily ever afters," including starting their own families. I may have even had a little pity party for myself inside a Taco Bell.

Recently I made the comment to my mother that I was going to be single forever but it wasn't going to be by choice. She simply responded, "Do you pray about it?" I realized then that even though I had been praying about it, they had been very selfish prayers. I tried to reassure God that I was ready and pleading with Him to send me my future husband.

Today as I was coming back from a weekend getaway, the song Promises by Maverick City came on my radio, followed by several praise and worship songs back to back. Now people who have been in the car with me know that my Apple Music ranges from just about every genre known to man so the fact that several praise and worship songs were playing back to back to back hit a chord in my heart. As I was driving, I began to pour out my heart in praise. To be completely honest, I'm not sure how I got home because I was completely lost in worship.

During that time, I began to think about a few things that I've heard recently, some of which being: Who am I to judge the plan that God has for my life? Who am I to think that my plans would be better than God's plan for me? and lastly Who am I to RUSH God's timing?

Today, for the first time, I prayed and put it in His hands and I prayed for these specific things.

1) That God would ready my heart for the man that He has for me.

2) That God would ready my future husband's heart for me.

There might be some lesson(s) that I, he, or both of us have to learn before he puts us together. But until that time comes, I'll continue to pray for those two things specifically.

To all you girls who are in the same boat as me, you are not alone. Your time will come. Our time will come.

God has someone for you. Are you faithfully praying for him?

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