To The Girl Of His Past
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To The Girl Of His Past

You have got to move on sometime...

To The Girl Of His Past

We all have exes. Some we still talk to, some we dropped off the face of the earth. There are some of us who have decided that staying friends with our ex is the best option, some of us who have tried to be friends with our ex and it just didn't work out, or the rest of us who basically give no craps about our ex and what they do with their life. It's all preference. I prefer to distance myself from mine, especially when I am in a new relationship.

Being in a new relationship, I know my boyfriend will be haunted by the ex-girlfriend's of his past. It's a given when you become the new girlfriend. If you're lucky enough, you won't have to deal with them or even learn anything about them. Then like me, an unlucky one, some of us have to deal with their crap; social media stalking, death stares from afar, the "I have screenshots" bit that is supposed to bother you but really it's petty and childish of them to even bring up. Like seriously, if you are this type of ex-girlfriend, knock your crap off!

I'm not saying all ex-girlfriends are bad, because they are not. It's usually the ex-girlfriends that don't realize what they had until it's gone types that are bothersome. They already had the fun they were missing out on when they were in a relationship with your current boyfriend, and realize they don't want that fun anymore. We all know these types, they are constantly texting, Snapchat-ing, tweeting, liking on Instagram and tagging your boyfriend in old photos or videos that remind them of him. They try to make it a competition, when it clearly isn't one. I don't want to be that girlfriend that tells her boyfriend not to talk to someone, but if in any way they disrespect me, they got to go.

There is nothing more annoying and sad than a chick that has to ruin someone's relationship just because she messed up the chance she had. Quit blowing up his phone, he is with his girlfriend. Quit bringing up the past, and your old relationship with him... it is over! Don't be that person. If someone is happy, let them be happy, even if it is not with you.

That's probably one of the hardest realities we have to face in our lives, finding out that what made us happy doesn't make them happy. But life goes on, there is another fish in this sea for you but my fish is not yours. Her fish is not yours. Find your own damn fish! Oh, and when him and I could possibly be having some issues, don't try to be his rescuer, and slide into his DMs with the "are you okay?" BS. There is so much wrong with that, you have no clue how disrespectful that makes you look.

Let's be honest, if a guy and his girlfriend are on a break, that does not give you the right to try to rekindle a spark between you two. Girls who do that, have no respect. If you want to "claim" that you are only talking to him as a friend, stop right there because I am a girl and I knew your intentions yesterday. Don't play dumb with me when I confront you on it because you and I both know what your intentions are, and sweetheart let me tell you, I will not be having it.

Despite how much the "I miss you, we could have been perfect" ex-girlfriends bother the hell out of me, I will thank you though. Without you being in his life at some point, he never would have learned what he truly wanted in a relationship, what he didn't want, and most of all, who he wanted. I never would have had the chance to love him. You two had a past, I get it. But that does not give you the OK to try and be sneaky by thinking when you text him, that he doesn't tell me, because he does. He tells me everything.

Honey, he is just not that into you anymore. No matter how hard you try, and how bad you want it to work, it's not going to, especially if he has a girlfriend. You were a chapter in his story, and that is it. We must learn from it and like I said before, move on. Don't be that girl that dwells on an ex because you are missing out on what could be right in front of you.

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