To The Girl Facing Rejection

Rejection is something that we ALL know too well.

To the girl who didn't get her dream job,

I know how badly you wanted this and I know that it hurts. How could someone else get something that you wanted so badly. Then your mind begins to wonder and think did the person who got the job even care about it as much as I did. Well, maybe that person wanted more than you. Even though the pain will sting for a while you will eventually find your place in life. Maybe a better job is out there waiting for you that you have never even thought of. Just keep grinding because you are still worthy and you ARE enough.

To the girl who didn't get her dream boy,

Maybe he was not even your dream boy maybe he was just some boy who stood you up. Whatever the situation might be nothing hurts more than a boy telling you that you are not good enough. I promise just because one boy out there does not like you back does not mean that there are not plenty of other boys out there who would kill to go on a date with you. Just remember always hold your head high and know that you are still golden and you ARE enough.

To the girl who didn't get invited,

Nothing hurts more than staying in and checking social media just to see everyone out doing fun things and you never got an invite. Just because you do not get an invite does not mean that anyone loves you any less. Maybe you could be the person that ALWAYS includes people. If you know how terrible it feels to be left out start including others so that others do not have to experience the same pain you did. Just remember always include others because they ARE just as worthy as you are.

To the girl who is rejected by social media,

Quit worrying about fitting in with all the Instagram trends. No amount of Instagram likes could ever compare to how beautiful you truly are. I know that it is so hard to want to follow all the trends and post the cutest pictures on social media. However, the same girls that you look up to that get thousands of likes on their pictures are not different than me or you. Just remember social media has nothing to do with your beauty and regardless of how many or little likes you have you will ALWAYS be worthy.

At the end of the day whatever it is that you might be facing always check in with reality. Quit telling yourself that you are not good enough because you got rejected. Always get back up and dust yourself off because you got this. Just keep grinding because regardless of how many times you are rejected you will ALWAYS be worthy.

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