Dear Disney Villains,

Quite frankly, you got a raw deal. You’re portrayed as evil caricatures, essentially devoid of any human quality. That in itself is problematic, because real life is not as simple as “good” and “evil.”

To me, it’s also sad that most of you are powerful women.

Maleficent, with your dragon fire and take-no-prisoners attitude. Cruella, rich, independent, and flamboyant. The “evil stepmother”, trying to get power in the only way you know how. The “evil queen”, with your dark empire. The Queen of Hearts, ruler over the mad, destroyer of your enemies. And Ursula, larger than life, never giving up.

The way you are portrayed is indicative to me of the misogyny in our culture. None of you are shown as attractive by societal standards, and many of you are queens or witches. Kings in your stories are usually benevolent, if a bit unaware. Men who can do magic are wise sorcerers that save the day. People who are attractive have hearts of gold. You, on the other hand, get called “hags” and “monsters.”

I want you to know that I feel your pain. I understand that you want more than to become a pretty, unassuming wife. You’re tired of the polite, quiet women getting all the admiration. You have no outlet for your talents and intelligence.

Someday, there’ll be a new story. One with someone like you as the hero. Until then, keep plotting.