We've all been in group projects where there is one person, or maybe two, that just like to bulldoze over everyone and take complete control of the work that is done. Now although some students who don't feel like doing any work might like this and think it is really nice, there are some students who aren't as vocal that still take pride in their work.

To the controlling student, it is not a bad thing to want to control your grade. In fact, it is really admirable that you have this hard working quality in you. I know what it is like to not want to have your grade banking on if someone does their work or not. However, if you take complete control, you might be hurting a student that really wants to participate. In fact, you might actually low key be insulting them without even meaning to.

When someone won't even give a group member a part in a project, that is automatically telling them that you don't believe in their academic abilities. You are completely writing them off based on your own judgement. Maybe they do struggle with school work, and that is a known fact.

But how are you helping them by not even giving them the chance?

Your intentions are probably gold, and not to hurt anyone. However, this student is probably used to not having responsibility because no one has given them a chance.

Now if you see them struggling, come alongside and help them. Clearly you are gifted, and care about your school work. You have a lot to offer a student like this.

Why do we as controlling students make this judgement? Is it because of stereotypes and we don't think certain people are capable of contributing something beneficial? I think we really need to evaluate why we do this.

I am so passionate about this topic because I used to be a controlling student in the group project. I used to want to take on the entire responsibility because I didn't want anyone else to be in charge of my grade accept for myself.

One day, I ended up being on the other side of this situation. I was in a group project with a really not nice person. We were writing a group paper together, and she really didn't like what I wrote, so she completely erased it. That was one of the biggest insults I'd ever experienced because I take such pride in my work. I was so angry, and it really opened up my perspective to how I treat people in academic settings.

Now if you identify as a controlling student, of course, use your judgement. There is an obvious difference in people who want to work, and people who are just along for the ride to an A+. Use your discernment wisely--but obviously empower people.

You are in a position to really benefit people, use your leadership abilities to empower others!