To those of you who failed a class, dropped, or lost classes in a transfer, I understand your pain. Retaking a class is one of the worst parts of college. It feels like a waste of time, it puts you behind, and it's the worst sense of deja vu. But for most of us college students, it's inevitable. So here's to that class that we must, unfortunately, meet again.

Dear freshman Biology,

I can't say that I am excited to see you again. The first time I took you, I felt as if I was in high school again. Protons, neutrons, covalent bonds... I get it. You're the foundation for all of the other sciences I have to take in college. I can't say I understand why we have to take all these same classes that we had in high school all over again in college, AND have to pay for them, but I was okay with it the first time around.

But then I transferred. And there you were again, haunting me with periodic table memorization and other terms that at this point, I honestly don't see how they will be beneficial.

You see, I transferred across states, but some of my classes didn't come with me. Like you, freshman Biology.

I don't want to buy your $150 textbook AGAIN.

I don't want to sit in a huge class of freshmen, asking dumb questions, and acting like high school kids.

I don't want to study for you, or pretend like I'm interested in your material, or convince myself that you will actually be helpful in any of my other classes.

It's not even fair.

I am not even retaking you because of anything I did. I didn't fail you. I didn't skip your class due to Netflix all-nighters or hatred of 8 a.m.s. I studied for all of your tests and passed with flying colors. I did your extra credit, showed up for tutoring, and came to all of your classes. So it's not my fault that we must meet again.

This time around, my interest will be lacking, my patience with freshmen will be thin, and my motivation will be little to none.

But I will make it through.

That is what us college students do, we persevere. We get through those boring lectures, we make it through the never ending exams, and we finish with the best grade we can get because ultimately that is what we are here for.

On the bright side, I have had you once before, so this should only be a review.

So here's to this semester, freshman Bio, and here's to hopefully being our last time to meet.


the student who has to take you again