To The Boy I Love Next, Please Don't Think I Don't Love You

To The Boy I Love Next, Please Don't Think I Don't Love You

I keep my guard up because I have been hurt before.


I don't want you thinking that I'm hard to love or have a problem when it comes to dating or even falling in love. It may seem like its hard for me to fully open up and that's because it is. I'm scared that if I get to close that I will end up being hurt in the end and I find it easier to close myself off and try not to get close to you. But, when you knock down these walls just know that there is something better behind them.

When I first fall in love with you, I won't make it noticeable. I won't try and bust out of the gates full force confessing my love for you. I will give it time and then when I know that I feel this way 100%, I will tell you. I will love you with all my heart and I will never mistreat you. I will always be there and support you in all you do.

If there are fights, I will be the first to say I'm sorry because I don't want us to end up going to bed mad at each other. There is no point for that to happen. Life will get hard and there will be times that we will feel like giving up but, I will never give up because when I think that something is worth fighting for then it is something that I will fight for.

I might not be the most perfect girlfriend but, I will try my hardest to make you happy. I feel like making sure you are happy should be my number 1 thing. After we get through the whole, the wall coming down and me opening up our relationship will be amazing.

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Dear Readers, Stop Taking Odyssey So Seriously

We are merely a platform for college students to express themselves.


Odyssey is a lovely community for (mainly) college students to write. Through our writing, we tell stories, present our opinions, stay up to date on popular culture, write creatively, and more. You name it. A lot of times, the national Facebook page will share articles that are extremely controversial, which leads to comments such as "Unfollowing Odyssey because of this stupid article," or "Ok, I'm done. Bye Odyssey."

To these people, I say: stop taking Odyssey so seriously. We are not a news outlet and we are not writing for Odyssey as a career. Odyssey is accepting of all opinions. If you don't like it, you don't have to read the articles you don't agree with. You don't have to follow Odyssey, but I feel as though some people take Odyssey a bit too seriously. A lot of the people in my Odyssey community (West Chester University) offered their stance on the matter as well.

1. Magen

"The only reputation Odyssey cares about is the one that proves we can write whatever we want, and the one that proves they get views. Odyssey doesn't have an opinion, it's a platform."

"We are lucky to be associated with a relatively non-political, non-biased publisher. It's not like Fox News or CNN where there is a clear bias. We are all allowed to say whatever we feel and still be published. That's the real purpose of the press."

2. Jacqui

"I actually like how Odyssey stays politically neutral. They share two opinions when most news websites promote the right or the left. I'm a centrist so I love seeing two side's opinions and forming my own based on the arguments. Media is so far left or right these days, I think it's important to give everyone a voice."

3. Alex

"I just worry that, as writers, we understand that our platform is meant to serve any and all opinions. But, as readers, I hope their opinions about Odyssey doesn't shift to thinking they're promoting certain things when, in reality, they're just sharing work."

4. Marissa

"The people who react poorly [to articles] really need to get over themselves. If they (the readers) are going to bag the whole platform because one article doesn't agree with their beliefs, then that's kind of petty."

Some advice for the next time you see an Odyssey article that you disagree with: remember that Odyssey is a platform that allows all opinions, no matter if they match with yours. Negative articles are shared just as much as positive articles, opposing opinions are shared equally, as well. If you don't like an article, you don't have to read it! Of course, you have every right to express your opinion in the comments section, but getting angry with a writing platform that does not have a bias is ridiculous. I, personally, love writing for Odyssey because I know that my stories and my opinions are just as important as those with different stories and opinions.

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Chasing Waterfalls At Niagara Falls Is Truly A Dream

As I step onto the ferry, they hand me a poncho; I didn't think the mist would be bad.


The smell is so calming, like nothing I've smelled before. I can feel the mist hitting my face. My smile has reached from ear to ear. I know that I am experiencing something that many dreams of.

On the ride down there, I see so many little shops. I get out and walk the streets, being greeted by all these people; they must have known I was a tourist. Once I reach the city, it's so overwhelming: the tall buildings, hotels, restaurants, and Farris wheels. As I drive around the corner there are people everywhere, some walking in the streets, people on the buses being shuttled, and people riding bikes. We park and begin our walk; as soon as I reach the railing, I see Niagara Falls; my breath is taken away. It's everything I thought it would be and more.

Everyone around me is trying to stop and take pictures, but I'm frozen at the moment. The beauty has stopped me in my tracks. The water is falling off the rocks so effortlessly. It's like a painting in an exhibit, but I am getting the chance to feel the mist hit my face and see the rainbow right in front of my eyes.

As I step onto the ferry, they hand me a poncho; I didn't think the mist would be bad. The ferry takes off, and just knowing that I'm drifting on the water from the Falls is mind-blowing. We go close to the US side and it's so pretty; it's calming. Then we ride over to the horseshoe, this is on Canada's side; it's way more gorgeous up close. The water begins to hit my face I smile. The water starts hitting even harder, and I'm fighting to keep my eyes open. I have to make sure I'm capturing all this beauty.

One ferry ride wasn't going to be enough for me, so now I'm on again it at eight o'clock at night. The sun has finally set, and they are beginning to reflect the lights onto the waterfalls. As we make our way around the Falls, I am just so speechless; it gets better and more beautiful by the second.

The boat comes to a stop and as we wait around I just soak in all the colors being shown. I take a mental picture, I hear the water falling off the rocks, I feel the way the ferry drifts along the water. The fireworks begin, and I can feel the explosion in my chest as they burst in the air. I can even smell the smoke that they give off. During my life time, I have seen several fireworks shows, but this one is like never before. I am on this ferry in the Niagara Falls while the fireworks are bursting into several colors, all while holding the hand of my soulmate. I have experienced something few will in their lifetimes.

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