I don't want you thinking that I'm hard to love or have a problem when it comes to dating or even falling in love. It may seem like its hard for me to fully open up and that's because it is. I'm scared that if I get to close that I will end up being hurt in the end and I find it easier to close myself off and try not to get close to you. But, when you knock down these walls just know that there is something better behind them.

When I first fall in love with you, I won't make it noticeable. I won't try and bust out of the gates full force confessing my love for you. I will give it time and then when I know that I feel this way 100%, I will tell you. I will love you with all my heart and I will never mistreat you. I will always be there and support you in all you do.

If there are fights, I will be the first to say I'm sorry because I don't want us to end up going to bed mad at each other. There is no point for that to happen. Life will get hard and there will be times that we will feel like giving up but, I will never give up because when I think that something is worth fighting for then it is something that I will fight for.

I might not be the most perfect girlfriend but, I will try my hardest to make you happy. I feel like making sure you are happy should be my number 1 thing. After we get through the whole, the wall coming down and me opening up our relationship will be amazing.