To The Asshole Who Kicked My Seat At The Circus

To the asshole who kicked my seat at the circus,
I hope you got your enjoyment
For picking fights with a kid,
Must obviously make you a hero.

I hope you had trouble on the way home.
I hope you caught a DUI
For bragging on how many shots of vodka you've taken must really make you sound cool.
To the misogynistic catcalls at the girls next to you, obviously boosts charisma.
But every shot down request gave you a kick harder than the kick you've taken upon my back.
As if a clown show wasn't enough amusement for a small-minded drunk.

I wish you down on all luck,
For I couldn't give a fuck
On how cool you think your hair looks.
To your beady hazel eyes
To the disappointing smell of cigarettes and depression.
Oh no, not depressing for you but for the time it took me to look at you.

Bragging to your friends on how
"You should see the look at his face! All full of hate, like making his time at the show shit, was a real piece of cake!"
But your friends could say otherwise.
For bragging on how broke you are to nab cheap tickets is the only highlight of your life.

But you know what they say,
An elephant never forgets
So I'll always remember everything.
So when a guy kicks down at the back of your seat,
You see the face of a kid who was just having a good time

Till an asshole came to the show.

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