I should warn that although it is fun to binge watch a drama, it is not healthy if you're going to be sitting down the entire time. Don't worry, I have you covered for binge-watching and non-binge-watching. Korean Dramas are definitely very time-consuming and need the utmost attention, as you'll usually have to sit there and read the subtitles.

1. Snacks.

Do not underestimate the length of an episode of a Korean Drama because you will be demanding some snacks halfway through the episode. When I first started, I watched three episodes of "Flowers Over Boys" and I was starving! Funny enough, I had lunch before I started the drama, although, how can you not get hungry after watching over 30 minutes of delicious food! I do recommend healthy snacks if you are concerned with your weight. You can also have a meal while watching a Korean Drama since it will fill you up for the long run than a snack would.

2. Pillows and blankets.

You're going to be sitting down for a long time, so instead of sitting at a coffee table move to the sofa (unless the coffee table chair is comfortable). I used to sit at my family dining table and regret it whenever I stood up. Bring pillows and blankets for extreme comfort. Blankets can keep you warm in case the temperature of the room drops for no season. Also, pillows make it easier to take your frustrations on or hug when it gets too sad.

3. Stretch!

It is not good to be sitting down for long period of times, so whenever you get the chance to stretch those muscles out. It could be between episodes or whenever an adds pops up. If you're watching the Korean Drama on Viki adds will pop up! You can also take this time for bathroom breaks and refill up on drinks and snacks.

4. Box of tissues.

A single episode of a Korean drama is an emotional rollercoaster. You laugh, cry, scream, hope all in 15 minutes...now imagine an hour of that! I then first started, I would have to pause the video to look for tissues because I could not hold back the tears. I got weird looks from my parents that day. If you know it's going to be a really sad episode, get ice cream!

5. Get another person!

Lately, I have learned how amazing it is to watch a Korean Drama with somebody else, whether a friend that is passionate about Korean dramas as well or your partner if they enjoy or wouldn't mind watching an episode with you. I just finished watching "Descendants of the Sun", and I had to call my partner because it was too sad and hugging my plush wasn't enough. So drag your friends to watch an episode or make it a sleepover to watch the whole show!