To roam the streets at night is a beautiful thing, really. The sun has long set, the children have eaten dinner and gone to bed. No one rustles in their bed, I can hear the steady breathing from the bedrooms. The houses are dark, and the only light comes from the faint flickering of the street lamps up in the sky.

The only ones awake are the disturbed.

My bare feet softly touch the cool, black pavement as I float down the road. The blades of grass softly sway in the soft wind, as it tickles my skin. Trees sway in a synchronized fashion. Everything feels empty and quiet. A whole new world is awakened, a different atmosphere felt. The world is paused. No more cars flying down busy highways. No more people running down the sidewalk, their feet slapping the pavement. The world is mute, my thoughts are full volume. Familiar faces cross my mind, as I think about each person I come across throughout the day.

I walk aimlessly down the streets all night, until the first peek of sunlight is shown. It signifies the beginning of a new day. Early risers begin to awaken, and start their days. I can hear the drops of coffee slowly dripping one at a time in the coffee pot. The stretches and yawns, the steady stream of water pounding in the shower.

It is time for me to sleep, for my thoughts to pause. I bid you good morning, I look forward to our reunion, sweet nighttime.