To My Residents, From Your RA, As You Move Out And Move On

My dear residents,

This week, you'll be moving out of the residence hall, going back to your homes, and resting up for your next year of college. For the majority of you, you'll be coming back to the same school, reuniting with the same friends, preparing for another year of classes, and moving back into the res hall life.

The only difference being that, when you come back in the fall, I won't be your RA anymore, and I'm going to miss you all terribly.

I want you to think back to move-in day. I know most of you were nervous about starting college and stepping out into the world, but I was nervous to get to know my residents for the year. Would they be cool? (They are!) Would they be rowdy? (Sometimes.) Would they even talk to me? (Yes, and I can't thank you enough for that!)

I've watched all of you grow so much over the course of this school year. At first, you had questions about where to find certain buildings, how to schedule an appointment with the health center, how to get tickets to a hockey game, when the dining halls opened, and how to register for classes. Throughout the year, I've watched you join clubs, find your passions, change your majors, rush Greek life, make new friends, start new relationships, work on-campus jobs, plan to study abroad, and just deal with the stresses of college that I know too well can become incredibly taxing on your physical and mental health.

You guys also helped me make it through the year, believe it or not. Every time you said hi to me in the hallway, it absolutely brightened my day. Even when there were incidents, you all never held it against me for doing my job, and I super appreciate that. And the matching dinosaur pajamas were the icing on the cake.

I hope all of you have a fun summer break and wish you the best of luck in the fall, no matter where it takes you. When it comes your time to graduate, I know I'll be thinking back to move-in day this year as the start of your journeys and smile at the fact that I got to be there when it all started for you. It's been an honor and a great joy to watch you acclimate to college and spread your wings. Take care of yourselves, and now that I'll still be around if you need anything next year.

Love and Honor,

Your RA

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