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To the people With Serious Cases Of Road Rage, From An Anxious Driver

Just breathe.


Dear People With Road Rage,

I am not going to be the person that says all pompous that I never have road rage, but coming from Colorado, you have to basically run me over for me to get mad while driving… Colorado is basically a second Canada.

I am only going to address the road rage that I can observe as the victim: honking, driving 2 INCHES from my bumper, speeding past me and looking into my window to judge my practical driving within range of the speed limit.

When driving a manual as I do, sometimes it takes a moment to get into first gear and release the clutch to start moving. GOD FORBID it takes me more than two seconds after the light turns green to get the car going! it's not like your a speed racer in your 2005 Honda Civic, Janet, so just take breathe.

Next time you have the urge to honk, at a light, or anything really, I want you to take just a second to think about the possibility that the person doesn't mean to inconvenience you by being a bad driver or a slow driver, they are just trying to get to their own destination. They don't know that you just like to drive twenty miles above the speed limit at all times and it isn't their fault that you are running late, so don't let that frustration out on an innocent, sensitive 19-year-old who is trying her best…

Also, I can see that you are behind me and you want me to go faster, but guess what?! I DON'T WANT TO!

Just hold your horses until I have space to get into the next lane. There is nothing ruder than having someone right on my butt when I am driving. Can you imagine for just a second that you are standing in line for something or just walking down an aisle in the grocery store and there is a stranger standing so close behind you, you can feel their breath on your neck… that is what it feels like when someone is all up on my bumper, so just stop.

Once I get over and you speed past me all passive aggressive and stare into my window, don't give that look. I am not the one with the temperament the size of a teaspoon! I can just imagine you puffing out your chest and sighing so dramatically as if I am a bug that you are annoyed with, well news flash, it's not like you are a ray of sunshine yourself, so don't go speeding ahead of me just to slam on your breaks at the red light, okay?

I am not asking you to become a pushover on the road because we all get angry occasionally, just keep it reigned in, so I don't get angry and start the cycle all over again!


The most anxious driver on the road

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