To New Beginnings because life isn't going to always be the same and because you're grown up. To new beginnings because why not? I'm turning 21 soon, and it'll be a new life. I'll truly be an adult and I'm talking about because I can drink. I'm saying to new beginnings because I will be able to get hotels now without the consent of an adult.

To new beginnings because it's time to live for myself. Here's what I've done for a New Beginning, and I mean why don't you try it too?

1. Actually making my bed every day

Now, I don't how long this going to last but, I've started making my bed every morning. There is nothing nicer than coming home to a clean bed. It leaves you satisfied.

2. Redecorating

Redecorating can make something old feel so new. I tend to always rearrange things every few months because I believe it's fun to come home to something new all the time. Now I don't go buy new things, all I do is take some things away, or I go make stuff myself. I've moved my bed possible five times in the eight months that I've lived in my apartment.

3. Drinking water

It's something small, but it does make a difference. You don't realize how unhealthy the stuff you drink or eat is until you start being healthy and you noticed how you change a month in. The effects won't be automatic, but in a month you will realize that your skin may be less dry, or you don't look so gloomy and you have loads of energy.

4. Get A fluffy buddy

There is nothing better than a best friend who is always by your side. I'm talking about a pet animal. They just make you happy. And they don't talk back! They just sit there and make you happy.

* * *

There is nothing more amazing than having the ability to end something and start something new. It is empowering and it allows you to do what you want to do. It's a new perspective on life. You take charge, you change things, and you do what you need or what to make your life the way it needs to be.