Do you ever wonder what it was like when you came into my world?

I can remember some of the feelings like it was yesterday.

Mom and dad told me I was going to have a little brother soon. They told me you were inside mom's belly. It never crossed my mind that you would be such an important part to my life. I was three years old at the time. I was running around, dancing, getting all the attention in the world.

When you came along, everything changed. Some good, some bad. I had a partner in crime. We could play together, cuddle together, dance together, and laugh together. However, some days I wanted ALL the attention. That was the only bad part.

Sorry for calling you "Dotty" for awhile in our childhood. Not sure where that name came from, but I LOVED torturing you with it. But, hey, you were a good sport!

You definitely got me back when you pooped on the floor on our first day in our house, and I stepped in it! Family vacations were a blast. "Playstation American Idol" was the best. Waking me up at 7 a.m. on Christmas was even better. You, my younger brother, were my partner in crime from day one.

As I went through some of my teen years, you were always there to make me laugh or back me up when I needed you to.

You always made sure you got me candy at the store if you got some. You rock!

You had some lucky moments. I am the first child, so parents definitely try it all and learn what works and doesn't. You have it easy, trust me!

Fast forward to right now. You are 6'3 towering over me. You are driving around town in your new car. You are applying to colleges. You are investing money into stocks.

My younger brother is not so young anymore!

I want to thank you for who you are. You are the most caring guy I know. You have a huge heart that spreads to many people. You are the biggest gentlemen. Dad taught you well, and you carry that with you everywhere you go.

My younger brother opens the car door for me. My younger brother pays for me at a restaurant. My younger brother speaks up for me when he needs to. There is nothing more I could ask for. Your hugs go a long way. You always say goodnight. You always answer my phone calls even when I'm ranting.

You are the best, Mike.

My younger brother is my best friend. He can hangout with my friends. He can always give good advice.

My family visited me at Penn State one weekend, and I took my younger brother out to a party. He was socializing and talking to everyone. One of my neighbors asked me, "What is his major?" I realized in that moment that my younger brother steps up to the plate and takes care of me as if he was older than me. He was introducing me to some people I never met. He was introducing himself and holding conversations with people 3-4 years older than him!

All in all, my whole life my younger brother has always been right by my side. I am pretty shy, and he is not afraid to talk to anyone or ask anyone for anything, even if it is for me. He has taught me many things and continues to do so each and every day.

As we are getting older, we are so excited for our future lives. We cannot wait to see each other's successes and be there for the struggles to.

I love you Michael. Thank you for all you do as a younger brother!