To My Sorority Sisters Who Became Family
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To My Sorority Sisters Who Became Family

Ohana is forever.

To My Sorority Sisters Who Became Family
Irina Lessne

To my sorority sisters who became family,

You have taught me wisdom. You have given me power. You have instilled within me, faith. You have inspired me to never lose hope. You have graced me with unconditional love.

As you embark upon recruiting new members, I wanted to let you know how proud I am of each and every one of you. I spent my summers as a camper, counselor and lifeguard at sleepaway camp and began college yearning to find the strong bonds of sisterhood I had created there, once more.

I didn't envision joining a sorority, but I'm so glad I came to recruitment events during my Sophomore year. I was searching for a sense of belonging and you have enabled me to feel that strong and undying bond.

I began my journey as a Sigma Sigma Sigma, shy and quiet, unsure and hesitant. I came to events and spent time with sisters but kept to myself much of the time. When it came time for me to assume responsibility within the chapter, I was a bit nervous at first but learned that a sorority is like a puzzle and in order for the whole beautiful jigsaw to function, each individual piece must be cherished, utilized and incorporated.

The chapter would not be complete without each and every one of you. You contribute your own unique gift and passions which help make the chapter complete.

I want to thank you for being yourselves. Yes, you are part of something larger than yourself, but it is because of who you are, which inspires greatness within others, including myself.

As you sing songs, chant to Yankee Doodle and lose your voices as you excitedly give out bids, I hope you realize how much of an impact you have had on sisters before you in addition to incoming generations as well.

I hope you embrace what it means to be a woman of character, and share that which you have learned with those who surround you.

Lift your sisters to new heights and celebrate what makes each individual, unique.

Listen not simply to respond, but to understand.

If you do not agree with something that is discussed or a decision that is being made, take a stand and fight for what you feel is right.

Trust me, that is much easier said than done, but it has been one of the greatest gifts Sigma has given me.

The power to say "No, I don't feel that way" or proclaim that "Actually I believe otherwise but I appreciate your opinion," is no small feat.

Your sisters are your support system but only if you learn to let them be that for you.

It took me a while to truly comprehend that in order to receive much, one must give much.

That doesn't mean showering individuals with gifts, or taking on every leadership position that could possibly come your way.

No, my dear sisters. It means doing your part to help strengthen the bonds of sisterhood, lift your sisters up, and doing what is in your power to make the chapter and larger Sorority a better place.

Each sister perceives this in her own way, and that is because while each is unified in Sigma's mission, no two sisters are identical. You might have a different vision for what you want out of your experience, than other sisters may possess within the chapter, and that is okay. It is encouraged. It is meant to be embraced.

You're already making the chapter better and stronger, simply by being YOU.

As you go through recruitment, share your sparkle and inspire new members to find their own.

I am so proud of each and every one of you.

Thank you for not only embracing me as a sister, but for becoming something family.

So much love,


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