"Resurget Cineribus." "Fluctuat nec mergitur." Two mottos I have come to live by; it shall rise from the ashes, and tossed, but not sunk. They epitomize pre-med life for me. For many pre-meds, college can be a tumultuous, ever capricious time. Many times, classes can drain you of both energy and confidence. You sometimes lose the will to continue. Some people are dissuaded from a medical career for forever.

However, I am here to say one thing: Do NOT give up.

First off, one grade will not ruin everything. That is something I still struggle with, but one B, or even one C, will not cause the dream to collapse. At worst, you can retake the class and improve from there. But even then, it is not the end of the world. Go get help from teachers, watch various videos, practice, develop good study habits. You will be alright.

Secondly, it is never just your grades. It is you as a person. It is all about your experiences. Your volunteering experiences. Your extracurricular activities. You possess something that med schools should hear about. You play soccer for your school? You're a polyglot? You've done clinical research with prestigious institutions? Cool! You do something unique. Show that authentic quality or hobby you're passionate about.

Lastly, relax. That is what I will have to continue to learn about as I continue on the meandering journey. There are some things we may not be able to do. Get a lot of shadowing, get as many volunteer hours as we want, etcetera. You can still make it to medical school. You can still do other things, like the activities mentioned above.

At the end of the day, be YOU. Do something special. Make the most of your undergraduate years. In more simple terms, chill out. You will make it to medical school and be great. We all possess the capacity for greatness. Capitalize on that capacity. Get out there. Eventually, save some lives. You may be tossed by the waves, but you are not sunk.