I don't know what I would do if I wasn't so blessed to end up with a grandpa like you.


You're a great man. A man that I believe everyone should strive to be like. You treat everyone with respect and listen to others beliefs. You're truly the only person I know that can not agree with someone, but still, respect where they are coming from.

You're a brave man. Despite the roughest year of your life you still went on. You looked for ways to build your character and change to become better. And never once did you back down with making your relationship with your family even better.

You're a flawed man. Even though you are an amazing individual you are still flawed. Your flaws, however, make you human and have taught me that everyone has something they personally struggle with.

You're an honest man. Whether it's to others or yourself, you keep it real. You tell others how they messed up in situations, but you say it kindly and with advice. You are also honest with yourself and realize you have flaws that need to be fixed.

You're a stubborn man. You have strict morals and adhere to them. You're also set in your ways and extremely difficult to convince of matters. However, you are always willing to listen and act respectfully.

You're a funny man. No one has a sense of humor like you, or even a sense of humor like us together. I can't make fun of anyone like I do to you and know they won't get offended. You understand that I only play with people that I truly love and admire. That is why every time I call you Mr. Fredrickson you smile.

You're a wise man. I know I'll give you a big head for saying this, but you're a wise man. You are able to see the positive in the most negative situations and look for solutions to problems. You aren't always the most realistic person, but there is a depth in your heart that is shown with your words. A depth that can only be found in a person wise whether they have the years or not.

You're a loving man. The most important thing you have to offer me and anyone else is your love. I'm so happy that I was blessed with such unconditional and unfaltering love in my life. You love so easily, but even so, you love with all your being, so thank you for being such a loving man.

Papa, I love you. You're everything I described and even more and I'm so thankful that you're in my life. Never forget that you're my biggest role model and I'm always looking to you to become better.

You may be far from a perfect man, but I will always know that you made sure to be the best man you could.