A Letter To The Best Friend I Don't Have Anymore
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A Letter To The Best Friend I Don't Have Anymore

i miss you

A Letter To The Best Friend I Don't Have Anymore


I know it has been a while since we last spoke. Four months to be exact. Four months. That's so crazy to think about because even though it has been that long I still do not believe it. Before the ending of our friendship we never went a day without talking to each other in some form of communication. In my head I still believe that we'll cross each other's paths again and everything will go back to how it used to be. I still have a hope that our friendship will rekindle and be stronger than ever.

I know people grow apart, I know that just is how life works sometimes. But never would I of thought that would happen to us. How did we let that happen to us? We were so inseparable. We had bond that people wish they had with someone. I haven't replaced you and I never will. We still share a bond that no one could ever recreate. You were my best friend forever & always, my partner in crime, the B. Davis to my Peyton, and my sister. You were going to be my maid of honor and the godmother of my future child.

I hope you know that I miss you and that I'm not happy without you to go through life with me. We had so many plans, I would have bet money that we would have forced our kids to grow up being best friends just like us. Maybe even sign them up to spend all their favorite days playing softball at the same little league field as we did. I miss our random text messages and even our ugly snapchats. I miss the constant fan-girling over One Tree Hill and even spending $400 and driving 6 hours just to stand beside Chad Michael Murray. I wouldn't trade any of our memories for the entire world. I guess I didn't cherish those memories as much as I should have because I simply thought I would have a lifetime of memories left to experience with you.

Please take care of yourself. Remember that always. Study in school, I want to see you accomplish everything you want. Go ahead and take that extra shot that we both know you probably don't need. Kiss that boy, just know that you are worth more than some drunken love. Know that you deserve the world and one day you will find a man that is going to give you that. Do not let anyone change who you are.

I'll continue to keep up with you through your social media in my way of somehow watching out for you. Even though we don't speak, I will never stop doing that. I'll never stop referring to you as my best friend.

P.S. I'm always still just a text away..no questions asked


your old bestfriend

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