Before you were born, we were excited. We could only imagine how perfect you would be. We all knew you as a fuzzy photo from an ultrasound and stabbing kicks in your mother's stomach, but we loved you unconditionally. We talked about how beautiful you would be and wondered if you'd be a chunky baby or a tiny little thing.

When the time came for you to meet us in this crazy world, you were as stubborn as a bull. It took your mother hours to work on getting you out and eventually the doctors intervened. We knew you then as a cry behind doors and an open wound across your mother's belly. We waited impatiently to know how you both were.

Meeting you for the first time was... everything I'd dreamed of and more. You fingers and toes were pink and long. You face was a reflection of the mother who brought you into this world. Your cry was heart-wrenching and your yawn heart-warming. I loved you before I met you, but the second I held you I loved you even more. I knew you then as the niece I would forever and always adore.

For your future, I have some wishes and hopes for you. I wish that you have more smiles than frowns. I hope that you'll have more laughs than tears. I wish that you'll be happy with all that you become. I hope that you'll be understanding and kind. I want you to know that there are ups and downs in every life on this earth, no one has it perfect - I hope you'll be able to look past the bad and know that we are with you to make things better. I hope you'll be able to get right back up if anyone ever knocks you down, and if you need help to do it, do not be afraid to ask.

Above all, I hope you know how loved you are. Your mother and father love you more than you could ever know. Your grandparents all love you. Your aunts, uncles, and cousins love you. You have a village behind you ready to help with whatever you need, and we all love you.