To My Mom, Who Is So Strong

To My Mom, Who Taught Me What Strength Is

A girl's mom is her first female role model, and mine has shaped me in so many ways.


Mom, I know you have had, to say the least, a challenging few years. I want more than anything for you to know how strong you have been and all that you've taught me. I think the biggest compliment you can give a woman is to say she is strong, women are so often expected to sit idly by and allow the world to happen to them and, recently, you have shown me how to turn that around. You don't allow the world to happen to you, you cause things to happen that improve your own happiness and well-being. I've learned from you that true strength comes in asking for help when you need it and sometimes sacrificing your own needs for those closest to you.

The motivation you show constantly trying to improve yourself is so admirable. Every time I come home I see more positive changes that make you a happier and more complete person. You have taught me that only I can control my own happiness and that I need to constantly find ways to make my life more enjoyable. You work to the same extent to make life better for your daughters, always giving us what we need and that little extra love and support that gets me through a lot of rough days.

It is said that young girls don't see themselves in leadership roles because they don't have a lot of female role models in leadership roles. I am so grateful for all of the amazing things you have accomplished and that you continue to show me the capabilities of women in the workforce, all while being a phenomenal Mom. You encourage me to do anything and everything I could ever dream of, allowing me to make my own decisions and never confining me to expectations. In fact, you stand up for me when people confine me to their expectations of what I should be and I can't thank you enough for it.

You have taught me to prioritize my own well-being, telling me constantly to stop trying to please others when doing so hurts me. The way you support all of my decisions yet consistently try to teach me the right way to approach them has taught me how to handle the world and allowed me to learn from my mistakes. You never reprimand me or tell me I'm doing poorly, instead, you allow me to navigate the world myself and trust that I can make good choices.

You are independent and empowered Mom, and you have more strength than you know. I will never stop learning from you and hoping that I make you proud. You make me so happy to be a part of a world where women like you exist and where mothers encourage their daughters to be everything they are capable of. I love you Mom and I hope you continue to find all the happiness in the world, I believe in you so much!

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51 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

In honor of my role model.

In honor of it almost being time for me to go back to school, I wanted to express to you my appreciation and love for you and all that you do for me.

1. You always support me.

2. You help deter me from bad decisions.

3. You teach me that making mistakes is OK.

4. You always find the good in people.

5. You're the most sociable woman I know.

6. You teach me patience.

7. You show me caring.

8. You teach me to love myself.

9. You're strong.

10. You're brave beyond compare.

11. You're independent.

12. You light up every room you walk into.

13. You're honest.

14. You never hold a grudge.

15. You make me laugh.

16. You light your dorm room on fire by accident.

17. You're humble.

18. You're selfless.

19. You never judge others.

20. You love Snoopy.

21. You taught me compassion.

22. You never kvetch.

23. You know how to make your own happiness.

24. You're self-made.

25. You make the lives of everyone you touch happier.

26. You give me a kick in the ass when I need it.

27. You're calm and composed.

28. You show me how to be the best version of myself.

29. You always pick me up when I'm down.

30. You have no hatred toward any living or dead thing.

31. You have a great taste in music.

32. Sometimes you sing like Kermit the Frog.

33. You can always laugh at yourself.

34. You have trouble ordering Chinese food on the phone, like I do.

35. You teach me humility.

36. You're intelligent.

37. You raised four amazing children.

38. You're always optimistic.

39. You're always poised.

40. You take your responsibilities very seriously.

41. You are not materialistic.

42. You have taught me the power of giving and receiving advice.

43. You make amazing cookies.

44. You find fascination in the little things.

45. You call me silly nicknames.

46. You're adventurous.

47. You find joy in all you do and see.

48. You're confident in the woman you've become.

49. You have a heart of gold.

50. You love me just the way I am (especially as your favorite child).

51. You love me unconditionally, as I do you.

Cover Image Credit: Sydney Gelb

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Dear Mom, You Will Have My Entire Heart For As Long As I Live

To know her is to love her.


Mother's Day was this previous Sunday, May 12th, and this is my first publication as an Odyssey member. As part of my Mother's Day gift, though it is a little late, I wanted my first article to be dedicated to the woman who has devoted her whole life to me since day one.

This one is for you, mother. I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

I can't imagine what a rollercoaster my existence has been for you. I have been through every typical phase in the book. The young and sweet phase, the one full of rebellion and teenage angst, the "I'm too cool to associate with my family" phase, all the way to the current chapter of my life: eighteen and utterly confused. I know I have the capability to throw everyone for a loop and you have definitely gotten the best and worst of it all, each moment as dramatic as the next.

From being too little to understand no means no which then led to me dropping an ostrich egg at a petting zoo, all the way to me, still not quite understanding the 'no' concept and downloading Snapchat behind your back to talk to my 7th-grade boyfriend, you are a real trooper. I admire your strength & unconditional love, not just towards me, but towards everyone that enters your life. You are the epitome of kindness and truth. You are the beautiful, strong, independent woman I will always aspire to be even though I will never be anything close.

At one point I would have said I couldn't wait for the day I got to leave home and be out on my own. Now, I can barely imagine being 20 minutes down the road, let alone 8 hours away. What will I do without having you to annoy when I'm avoiding tasks I need to get done or to gossip with when it's too risky to tell anyone else? You are my day one, my best friend, & my biggest supporter. You are my mom, and I could not have been blessed with a greater one.

To the woman who just wanted to share Panda Express and Dairy Queen on Mother's Day, thank you for everything you do. You are so special. You have had and will have my entire heart from my first breath to my last.

I love you.

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