50 Thank-Yous For Mom On Her 50th Birthday

50 Thank-Yous For Mom On Her 50th Birthday

You've always been there for me, and I am so grateful for that.

My mom is the greatest mom there has ever been, and no, I'm not biased. (Well, maybe a little). Whether she is taking care of my sibling and me, working hard to provide for our family, or making sure to help anyone and everyone we love, my mom is on top of her game 100% of the time. Even when she's not on her game, my family makes up for it because we're a team. Mom, you've done so much for me, and I cannot thank you enough. I'm going to try though. Happy birthday! Thank you for:

1. Believing in me.

Even when I feel that I'm at my worst, you're always there to not only encourage me but help me to see me at my best.

2. Encouraging me to pursue my dreams.

3. Letting me vent to you.

Even if I feel as if I am a burden to everyone I know, I know I'll never be a burden to you.

4. Taking me to concerts.

5. Allowing my friends to seek comfort at our house.

Our house has always been that house where our friends can come to escape. Thank you for creating such a friendly and thoughtful environment.

6. Comforting me when I'm down.

7. Helping me pay for college.

Seriously - I am so grateful that you and dad are helping me as much as you are.

8. Having movie marathons with me.

9. Taking care of me when I'm sick.

(Especially in the past few months - no idea what I would have done without you).

10. Teaching me right from wrong.

11. Listening to my music in the car even if you don't like it.

12. Singing with me.

13. Instilling morals within me.

I am very happy to credit you with the fact that I know right from wrong.

14. Baking and cooking with me.

15. Dancing with me.

Whether it be at the dinner theater, concerts, parties or our living room - I am thankful for all the smooth moves you have taught me all these years.

16. Always looking out for my best interests.

17. Telling dad not to wake me up when I nap.

Seriously - this one is a godsend.

18. Teaching me how to be honest.

19. Listening to me talk about my day.

Especially my crazy work stories!

20. Holding my hand when I'm scared.

21. Warning me about shady friends.

Your mom always knows best when it comes to shady friends - my mom always has my back - it's amazing.

22. Confiding in me.

23. Collecting seashells with me on the beach.

We always have the best time on the beach!

24. Skyping me at college/

25. Letting me make my own decisions.

It's important to me that you allow me to be independent without forcing me to announce my full independence. Like, I want to decide what to study in college but I also want to live in your house and have you drive me places.

26. Making me food.

27. Teaching me the importance of earning money.

I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without my sense of frugality and earning money. Thank you for this.

28. Calling me out when I'm wrong.

29. Treating me to a meal out.

I always ask if you want money or if you want me to tip and you always refuse me.

30. Calming me down when I'm panicking.

31. Understanding my mental illness.

Thank you for never asking me "why" I have anxiety or "how" I can fix it.

32. Sending me care packages at college.

33. Pushing me to work harder, but not over-pressuring me.

I appreciate the incentive to work in order to gain success. I also appreciate that if I fall short of my goal, I'm not punished, but encouraged to try again.

34. Continuing to teach me every single day.

35. Teaching me to believe in myself.

Without you and Dad working hard to reassure me that my best is what's expected, I would have never had the gall to believe in my abilities.

36. Helping me with important paperwork.

37. Tucking me in at night.

There's just something about being tucked in that makes the sleep 10 times better.

38. Knowing I'm not okay even when I say I am.

39. Waking me up for work.

Yes, I'm capable of setting an alarm, but there's something about waking up to a soothing voice that makes everything ten times better.

40. Driving me places.

41. Massaging my shoulders when I'm tense.

You seriously have no idea how tense I can be.

42. Bringing me on bus trips.

43. Cleaning up after me even when you don't have to.

You are always looking out for me and my cleanliness. Even when it's not the most important to me, you're always willing to help me tidy up.

44. Teaching me the importance of teamwork in a family.

45. Looking at the stars with me.

Some of my most blissful memories lie on the back patio with you looking up at the stars.

46. Helping me to treat my friends and family to gifts and meals.

47. Never giving up on me.

I will always do the same for you.

48. Helping me clean.

49. Being a mom to my friends, too.

I will be forever grateful for all that you do for me.

50. Being the best mom I could ever hope for.

Cover Image Credit: Casey Leming

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To The Dad That Showered Me With Love, Taught The Most Valuable Lessons, And Will Forever Be My Best Friend

"Thanks" is too short of a word for everything he has and is still doing for my wellbeing and brighter future.


Usually, superheroes are regarded as fictional characters in movies and TV shows but I'm lucky to have my father as my real-life superhero! He plays a huge role in molding me into the person I'm today. His constant words of wisdom always invigorate me to give over 100% towards all that I do in life and beyond. He serves as the monumental pillar behind my strength and ability to overcome obstacles on my own as well as to emerge as a "dream-chaser."

My father is a man that resembles a coin with two sides. One side of him resembles a sweet and innocent little boy whereas the other side resembles a strict disciplinarian who always wants things to be "perfect." In other words, he is a complete perfectionist which I'm still trying to be! Apparently, he strongly disagrees with my desire of searching for perfection amidst imperfection.

Erikka Chowdhury Erikka Chowdhury

Honestly, my life has always been like Rachel Green's from "Friends." Her father fulfilled all her wishes and financed everything she wanted to buy. Her father paid for all her credit cards, just like mine! Rachel Green and I are strikingly similar in so many ways. This is exactly what my father had done for me and he still makes my wish his command to this day! Despite being showered upon all these exquisite luxuries and receiving all the golden-goodies, my father has also extensively taught me to appreciate the little joys of life which cannot be given a monetary value.

This is the most probable reason why I don't indulge in overspending all the time and rejoice in the precious moments granted by life on a daily basis. Moreover, my father has always preached the lesson of how to be fully independent using education and knowledge as a vital weapon. My overall transformation and growth as a human being and young adult is largely shaped by my daddy's contributions. His consistent ways of introducing me to the ways of the world has made me more aware of the possible solutions to a single problem and many more.

Living on campus since my freshman year at Rutgers has exorbitantly taught me how to become more independent and learn to survive on my own. This is exactly what my dad wanted me to learn when I started growing up and I'm glad to have learned this significant skill. However, as I'm getting older, his expectations are continuously increasing and living up to his vast amount of expectations has become a major lifelong goal for me. Furthermore, he has taught me to be fearless, brave, lion-hearted, strong, bold, and seriously motivated in life. Alongside that, I inherited my penchant for punctuality and valuing the importance of time from him.

Erikka Chowdhury Erikka Chowdhury

Even though I tend to get a bit irritated when he says things that I don't prefer hearing or when he corrects me if I'm wrong, I have realized that all he has been trying to do the whole time was prepare me for the real world. After going through many struggles to achieve his dreams and aspirations, he also wants me to learn to experience the sweet pain of struggle so I can make my dreams come true as well! In fact, he is one in a million!

In essence, it is really difficult for me to sum up what my father means to me in words but my love and affection towards him holds no bounds! My father exhibits an exuberant zest for life and genetically this is where I get my outgoing and optimistic personality from. It truly gives me sheer pleasure to share fun-filled moments encapsulated by a lot of giggles and laughter with him. "Thanks" is too short of a word for everything he has and still is doing for my well-being and brighter future.

Above all, he is indeed my best friend and I feel blessed every day to be his daughter. No matter how old I get, I will always be my "daddy's little girl."

Erikka Chowdhury Erikka Chowdhury

Cover Image Credit:

Erikka Chowdhury

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