Having a best friend who's part of a military family is one of the best and worst friendships you can ever have. It's the best because you cherish every single moment you spend with them, but it's the worst because when they get ready to leave, neither of you are truly ready to say goodbye.

My best friend currently lives in Germany. The time zones make it hard for us to find time to talk and have real conversations, but we're still close. She's been there when I need her and I'm there when she needs me.

We have some of the best memories, from sneaking into Annabelle because we weren't old enough to buy tickets, to running around in K-Mart and messing with EVERYTHING we could find.

I'll never forget our last day together before she had to leave. We drove around, got food, she got her nails done, we snuck into yet another movie, and then we ended our day in the Starbucks parking lot, crying because of how much we were going to miss each other.

She's my best friend and my long lost twin and she always will be. Meeting her was like meeting a missing piece of me. We went together like two puzzle pieces, even living together for three weeks over the Summer. We've been to Washington D.C. together and will continue to make memories that will last us a lifetime.

Her endless stories about where she lived previously always blew my mind, and I hope I was able to make her time in North Carolina feel a little more like home. I'm forever grateful for her, her dancing, and our ability to make a joke out of anything that we have around.

My favorite memory with her is when we went to Washington D.C. together. We spent every second of that trip almost crying with laughter and we used each other as pillows on the bus ride and models for cool pictures we wanted to take.

Chandler has changed my life in so many different ways. She helped me step out of my comfort zone and do things I never would've dreamed of. Without her, I don't know what my life would be like currently.

She supports me in everything that I do, and I do the same for her. I can't wait to be able to see my twin again. It's been six months without her and I miss her every single day. I know that when she comes back she'll have so many stories to tell me about her adventures in Europe, or maybe I'll even get to go visit her over the Summer.

I wouldn't trade my military best friend for anything in the world. Even if it means going months without seeing them, it's worth it. Reconnecting with them and still having that spark of true friendship is unlike any other feeling in the world.