My college years are halfway over, and I could freak out about that, but my sister is in her first year of college, so I'm here to spread the knowledge I've learned in the past couple years.

My younger sister is killin' the freshmen year game at Baylor University, and I went to visit her with one of my friends recently.

It was Baylor's homecoming weekend and football season was in full swing — I loved the weekend I spent in Waco, Texas.

Going to College of Charleston is my vibe, but it's not your everyday out-of-a-movie college experience.

Baylor looks like a university out of the movies.

College goes by so quickly, and it's hard to believe my sister and I are going to be real adults before we know it.

She's two years younger and has it together more than I do.

She thinks she's not smart, but she's beating the college game.

So to my little sister and all of the class of 2022, please make the best of your four years in college.

Don't worry about not doing "well enough."

Make a mess of your life and figure it out at the same time.

Don't trust every person you meet in the first year because everyone is trying to make friends and people will take advantage of you.

You're going to make a ton of friends, but you're not meant to stay friends with every single person for the rest of your life — some people come into your life for a reason, and they're not supposed to stay forever.

It's going to be rough at times. You might lose sight of who you think you want to be and discover who you are all over again.

Learn new things about the world and be open to what's next because you never know what will happen in four years.

Make the best of them no matter what.