When we're 5 years old sitting in that blue, tiny school chair listening to the morning announcements, we do not realize how precious this time is.

My classmate would put the weather up for the day. My classmate would put the month, date, and gear up for the day. My classmate would pick their job for the day. My classmate would hold the flag for The Pledge of Allegiance. My classmate would hand out the food at snack time. My classmate would choose what toy to play with. Thinking back to these kindergarten school days, I never thought I would miss it.

When you're young, all you can dream of is getting old. All you can dream of is a future job, future car, future house, and even future spouse!

Now, I'm not super old but, damn, do I sure feel like it. From kindergarten to college, we rush time away. We cannot wait to go to middle school, get our license, and go to college. But when I am sitting here writing this thinking about turning 21 in 3 months, I am in awe. Kindergarten was 15 years ago!

All the "What do you want to be when you grow up?" questions are real. All the "What do you want for snack time?" questions are gone. All the "Do you want to play outside after school?" questions are not your only responsibility. Instead, the "What do you want to do with your degree?" questions are here. All the "What do you want for dinner?" questions are something you ask yourself. All in all, I miss those old questions!

The biggest decision in a kindergarten's life is who they want to play with on the playground. The second biggest decision is what they want to play during recess. And lastly, they think about what their favorite snack is that mom packs them.

I'm here to say, do not rush those times!

Do not refuse to take naps at nap time.

Embrace snack time as if it were your last meal.

Live without fear when you're young.

Hug your dad tight because he is one man who will not break your heart.

Do not judge anyone because the world is a dark place.

And honestly, just be yourself and live your dreams.

Looking back 15 years, there is so much that went on. Bad test grades, mean friends, boys breaking hearts, losing in sports, being cut from teams, changing career paths, not being accepted to colleges, and the list could go on and on.

To my kindergarten self, do not be afraid. Life will throw many things at you in 15 years, but you can do it. You are stronger than you think.