To My Great Grandparents In Heaven

To My Great Grandparents In Heaven

Grandparents are something special to have but when they go to soon it makes them not being here very hard.

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Grandparents are always fun to have in your life. This can be true whether they are your great grandparents or your grandparents. Growing up with such "great" great-parents around me, as made me into who I am today. Without them, I would not know half the stuff I do, or I probably would not have made it this far.

Grandparents are valuable to have because we all know you can go to them for everything. They spoil you way too much and would drop anything to be there for you. Your grandparents always will be one of your biggest supporters so do not take them for granted.

I grew up with many grandparents in my life. I have some more than others, but that did not change anything. I grew up with the best grandparents a girl could ever have. They spent endless days playing and doing whatever I wanted to do. I hardly ever heard the word no from them.

They taught me so many valuable lessons I could never forget. The endless memories with them I will always cherish. I grew up being my Pawpaw's favorite great-grandchild. Being the favorite was pretty great because I was always getting spoiled.

My great-grandparents were there for me countless times. They kept me when I was not old enough for school yet. We spent countless afternoons in the garden. They would teach me everything I need to know about growing vegetables. That was there thing hanging out at home and gardening.

My great-grandparents were family people. We have a huge family and every holiday my great grandparents made sure we gathered as a family during those important holidays. They loved being around family and spending time together. They loved every one of us. Pawpaw might have loved me a little more, but that's okay.

My great-grandparents also had a love for each other that everyone could see. They were married for many years. Them leaving this earth was so hard for everyone and still is today no matter how long it has been. They were the rock to this family. They made sure everyone was okay and well at all times. They were the most loving and welcoming people.

To know my great-grandparents was knowing someone real special because everyone that knew them loved them. I still to this day never stop thinking of them. I will always cherish our memories and forever love them.

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