Since the day I was born, you were supportive of my decisions and always carried a smile on your face. When I would go to you and Grandma's house or see you at the family events, you would spread a feeling of joy and peacefulness.

Your funeral was the day before I left for my freshman year of college.

I've always been good at concealing my emotions due to disliking others seeing me cry, but as soon as the funeral started, the tears quickly began falling. There were songs sung by your family members in honor of you, and there were beautiful speeches dedicated to you. Even the lunch in the building across the street was filled with stories of your lifetime. It was a sad event, but also a beautiful one in a way because I got to see how many people loved you and who all were impacted by you.

Unfortunately, we never got to do the more well-known activities together such as play catch, but that didn't mean we didn't get to do anything fun. I remember when I was just a little girl and you took the time out of your day to make a fairy wand out of wood. Or just a few years ago when my sister, parents, you, and I were all playing battleship and we were cracking up because you couldn't clearly hear what we were saying, so if we said D11, you would ask if we said E5. Or when you and the other adults would play some card games before dinner at our family Christmases and Thanksgivings.

In the end, you were the best Grandpa I could have had. Everyone loved you then, and they still do. I know that even to this day, you are watching over me and the rest of your family and friends from heaven.