Sometimes I find myself thinking about the things I've dealt with growing up, and then I think about my children someday, and whether or not they will feel these same things, too. At this point in my life, children are so far from my reality, but if I am blessed with a daughter someday, there are some things I want her to know.

To My Future Daughter,

First of all, I am praying diligently for you.

I am praying in a world that teaches you to be quiet, you will be expressive, opinionated and strong.

I am praying that in a world that focuses only on outer beauty, you make it your priority to be kind and genuine, even to those who don't deserve it.

I am praying for peace, when things seem too much to handle. I pray that you know that you can always come to me, and I will be there with arms open to tell you "I've been there"; because most likely, I have.

I pray that you never let words spoken out of insecurity, jealousy, or hate change the way you see yourself. A meek opinion of someone else does not at all diminish your value.

I pray that you know that this too, shall pass. Whatever it may be, it is fleeting; happiness included.

I pray that you have the courage to be yourself, and only yourself.

I pray that you are a constant light for those who need it. You will learn that the world is dark, and we need people like you.

I pray that you let that boy go; the one who makes you feel so bad about yourself, the one who belittles you, the one who doesn't see you for the world changer you are. Let him go.

I pray that you learn to be okay by yourself. There will be seasons when you need to grow as a person, before you can grow with a person.

I pray that you never cry yourself to sleep; but since I know at times you will, I pray you have the strength to wake up in the morning overcome it; all the while with me right beside you.

I pray that you have friends who uplift and refresh your spirit. Always beware of those who rejoice in your misery and scowl at your triumphs.

I pray that you strive to always be pretty on the inside.

I pray that you know my love for you will run deeper than the oceans. You will never be alone in this world as long as I live.

Most of all, I pray that you know that you are enough. So enough and so whole, and so loved.


Your Maybe-Hopefully One Day Mom