I'm more proud of you than you'll ever know. I can't wait to see you walk across the stage this week this weekend and grab that diploma that you worked so hard for. I'll be forever thankful that I got to meet you, know you, and be along side you through this journey. I'm thankful for all of our study sessions, talks, and late night Campco orders. Zilly fries are on me next time I promise. After all, it's the little moments that I'll miss the most. I'll miss being able to run into Connelly and tell you all the details about my day from the essay I stayed up all night writing to the impromptu wine nights. I know even though you won't be on campus anymore, you won't be too far away and you'll always have a place in my heart and on my phone of course. I'll still text you to keep you updated on my life and to know from you all the crazy stories you have about being a real adult. New beginnings are a chance to find yourself outside of Villanova. I can't wait to see all of the things you will accomplish and the legacy that you will leave. You will make future Villanovans proud to call Nova home for the next few years. I know you will. Wherever you decide to call home, know that I am just a phone call or text away. I promise to visit often and I can't wait for you to come back on campus again. Your mark will be left here for years to come. I came to Villanova as an out of state student far away from home and no one from my high school had ever been to Villanova. Thank you for turning Villanova into a home away from home. Most importantly, I learned that friends are not just people that you spend four years hanging out with, but family forever..