To My Friends From High School

To my friends from high school:

I miss you so much. I miss the classes that we had together.

I miss the little antics that we often did.

I miss being able to see you everyday. But, I know that you all are off doing better and greater things. You are becoming wonderful young adults who will change this world for the better. While it may be hard, I believe in you and will always be in the background cheering for you.

I will always hold the memories that we created close to my heart. I know that I will make more with new friends, but the old ones will always be better. They have resided in my mind and in my heart for the longest of times and that is where they shall remain forever.

We have seen each other through it all. We have struggled and fell down so many times. I know I have at least. And each time I did, you all where there to pick me back up. You never sugar coated anything and I thank you for that. You told me when I was wrong and helped me fix it. You told me the blunt truth so I would not be hurt by the lies. You dried my tears, gave me plenty of hugs, and made me laugh when I thought that the world was ending. You all became my world, for the world we live in is imperfect and harmful. While we may have flaws, I knew that you all had my best interest at heart. That is why I believed in you more than I believed in the world.

While there may be times that I miss high school, I am glad to be done with it and in college. Yet, I am sad that we had to leave it behind for that was where we met, where we became friends, and where we drove each other (and the teachers) insane. To be truthful, the teachers are glad that we are no longer there to laugh and disrupt class with our silliness.

It was our beginning and our end. Well, mostly end for I know that we will meet again. We will not part or forsake each other. We will always just be a call or text away. I am glad for many things in my life, and meeting you is at the very top. I could not be where I was today without you all. I would not had stood on stage as salutatorian during graduation, I would not had applied to honors or even tried to be great at anything. You all where there to support me, believe in and to love me when I could not. You became my everything when I was down to nothing. I could not ask for better friends. I thank God everyday that I have you in my life.

I love you guys with all of my heart and soul.

You are going to do great things. I already know.


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