I am writing this in regards to let you know that your old man has been through this many times. Everyone has their own way of living life and their own persona of who they want to be. Not only will they be not who you expected more often than not, but the ones you want to find come to a dime a dozen. I may not have been the shining example of the kind of person you should strive to be, but I feel like I have informed you enough and related to you enough to understand that I will always support you no matter what.

When you feel that you're alone and cut off from the darkness of this world, it's easy for your mind and instincts to tell you to give up, run and hide. This is a case of when you should not follow your mind. Taking the easy way out of everything will show who you really are in the end. Don't make the same mistake that a friend of mine made when I was probably your age that you are reading this now.

Listen to your heart, follow your heart and feelings, your conscience will help you through everything. It all depends on what kind of decisions you make. Those angel voices will see to you and look down on you with confidence, pride, and wisdom. Don't ignore them. I did when I was younger and made a mistake I thought I could never recover from.

Those voices and messages will be your guide to being the best person you can be. We all have our gifts, our talents, our plans, and naturally, we all fail sometimes. It's every so often that life leaves us trapped in a state of purgatory and stagnation with seemingly nowhere to go. The evil powers have their way of trying to take you down and defeating you. The one thing that can overcome it and end all evil is us. You're my kids. I love you and that's what keeps us together and stable. It keeps us kind.

However, when you've suffered, lost, and your spirit is broken, you tend to get desperate. It's normal to feel lost and scared at times, but that does not mean you're alone and powerless. Your source of power is love. Remember you will always be loved, always be remembered, and my words will heal you. Don't give in. We have all the confidence in you and we will stop at nothing to make you feel like you are belonged and praised.