To The Sister Who Doesn't Like To Be Sappy, I Love You.

To my crazy, amazing sister,

Siblings are bound to fight. I think that if you shared a womb with someone, you are naturally inclined to argue with them. It's just in our blood. But we have definitely had some pretty vicious fights...

Remember the time that I bought that brand new magazine with my own money when I was nine, and you decided that you wanted to take it from my room and cut it all up for your project? Then I started to hit you because I was so upset and to "defend" yourself you took the scissors you were using and you stabbed me in the back (don't worry, it was only a poke that left a minor scrape, but the memory has scarred me ever since.)

Remember when I got really mad at you when I was ten, went into your room and spread chocolate all over your bed and mirror? I don't blame you for beating me up about that one.

Remember all of those times you called me a brat? Or the time you told me I looked like a "raw chicken" when I got out of the shower?

I forgive you for these meaningless fights and I'm sorry for the times that I was actually a brat, and especially that time when I wasted chocolate to get back at you for something that probably wasn't important.

Remember the time when you first went to college, and I didn't realize how different everything at home would be without you? I didn't want to let you know how upset I was but,I cried every day for about a month when you first left.

Remember the first time I visited you at school? It was my first taste of college and I didn't want to leave. I especially didn't want to leave you.

Now, we are both in college and nothing excites me more than the thought of seeing you. Now, we fight over who wants to drive when we are home or the fact that I want to FaceTime you during the day but you would rather sleep than talk to me sometimes. Now, we are more like best friends than sisters and this is something I will value forever.

Everyone always says the same things about us. They say we look exactly alike and have the same laugh and sense of humor. They say we are so close and so lucky to have each other. I love to hear these things because you are exactly the person I strive to be because even though you are only a year older than me, I still look up to you.

I know I don't tell you this enough, and even though we hate to be sappy with each other, I love you.

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