Coming into college, I don't think any of us expected to meet people that would turn our lives around, but here we are making mems that will last a lifetime. Sorry to get sappy but, here's five reasons why I love you...

Thanks For The Mems


Wanna get McDonald's at 3 AM? Sure.

Screaming the lyrics to "Before He Cheats" in the car? Count me in.

Tailgating? Don't know her ;)

I can always count on you for a good time, anywhere, anytime.

Impulse Decisions


Whether it's buying things we probably don't need at TJ maxx, skipping class for some much needed coffee to get me through this day, or driving an hour and a half for Steak 'n Shake, being spontaneous is our speciality.

Get in loser, we're getting a soda


Thanks for supporting my unhealthy addiction with fountain pop and Mean Girls.

You're better than a boyfriend


Honestly who needs a boyfriend when you have a 5-star girl gang?

They buy you food, text you all day, take you on dates, and most importantly, are always down for a vent sesh.

Freshman year me? Don't know her


Remember 18 year old me? Yeah... let's pretend we don't ;)

I can confidently say, you have made me into the woman I am today, and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

When it comes down to it, these are the friends that you are going to hold near and dear to your heart for the rest of your life. These are the women that will have the best speeches at your wedding, will throw you a bangin cocktail party because you got that promotion you've been waiting for, and will ALWAYS be down for a girls weekend even when you are balancing, work, husband, and 2 kids. These are the girls that you get to call your gang because they will always have your back no matter what.