Best friend

To The Girl Who Has Been There Through It All

We've been through Hell and back together, and I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else.


Dear Best Friend,

Thank you for being in my life. We're almost at ELEVEN years of knowing each other, and that blows my mind. Whenever I met you, I knew you were going to be in my life forever. I knew you'd be the person I'd call to be my Maid of Honor. You'd be the person I'd want to be the godmother of my kids if I ever have any, and I knew you would just be my person until the end of time.

There isn't anything I can say to truly describe our friendship. We have a connection that people can see from miles away and we bring out the best in one another. I'm quiet and shy, but when I'm with you all of that goes away. You bring out the real me. The loud, unashamed, weird, best version of me. The me that almost nobody gets to see. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't know that me even existed. So, thank you for that.

You've taught me things about life that no one else could. You taught me that it's okay to be a little weird with someone else and do somersaults across the house, or that sometimes it's fun to get messy and cover each other with mud on a four-wheeler, just because we could. We've learned so much together and I am so thankful we can keep learning together, even when I'm 100 miles away.

You've also taught me so much about myself, it's unreal. You taught me that I snort when I laugh hard enough and that I'm actually not that great at decorating cupcakes, but they sure do taste great. I hope I managed to teach you some stuff about yourself too.

We've been through Hell and back together, and I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else. I trust you with my life, and I know you trust me with yours. It's so crazy to see how much we've grown together. From a pair of Camp Rock obsessed, shy second-graders, to a pair of amazing young women who can conquer the world and decorate a house like it's nobodies business.

Like any friendship there's going to be a rough patch, maybe it's not hanging out as much, or even not really speaking, but once you get through that, things are better than they've ever been. When we grew apart for a bit, I missed you like crazy but I knew we would make it through. We're the sisters that neither of us ever had. We always get asked if we're related when people don't know us, and our parents claim the other as their own. I know I'll always have a place with you and you'll have one with me.

Even when you're not around you still cheer me up. I'll watch our old videos together when I need a good laugh, or I'll reread our conversations where we plan to do some extravagant thing with a small hobby we share. I love you with my entire existence.

Thank you for being my best friend.


Your Best Friend

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To My Best Friend Who Doesn’t Know How Strong She Is

Always better together.

To the one I know I will always have by my side,

First off, thank you. Thanks for dealing with all my shit: my mess, drama, tears, and weirdness. There are so many reasons why you are my best friend; you are funny, amazing, kind and unbelievably supportive. I am beyond lucky to have someone that gets me and has been there with me through the best of times and the worst of times.

You are strong

Life is difficult; I think we have both realized that by now. Whether you believe me or not you are kicking everything being thrown at you in the ass. You have been through everything and more and have always come out of it a stronger, and better person. You are never alone and you know that; we have been there for each other for years and that will never end.

You are special

I have never met anyone with a bigger heart than you; you sympathize with anyone that comes to you for advice. You take things to heart and look at the world in a unique and beautiful way. You appreciate the little things in life, watching Dance movies with your mom, a late night snack at Taco Bell, driving with the top down and dancing like no one is watching.

You are beautiful

You are way more beautiful than you think. You’ve got softness to you that is calming, a smile that is contagious, and a gorgeous girl with so much to offer. You are filled with love and compassion, an amazing writer, dancer and overall an amazing and beautiful person.

You can get through anything

I know you are going through a hard time right now, but look at how far you’ve come. You have gone through way worse and you will get through this just like you have in the past. You will become even more powerful than you already are. You are experienced and that’s part of what makes me love you so much. We have gone through a lot together and we know that whatever life throws at us we can handle it.

I am always here

Your hardship is my hardship, but keep your head up high just like I know you can. You have so much love in your life, from your family, your friends and me. I love you, I have never had a friend like you and I am so grateful every day because of it. You are going to get through this. You are going to get through it because you are, powerful, you are beautiful and you are strong.

~Written with love and appreciation for the most amazing friend I could ever ask for~

Cover Image Credit: Sarah Richman

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Why I Will Never Choose A Boy Over My Best Friend

I have made this mistake in my past and it turned around to bite me in the ass.


In the past, every time that I would get a new boyfriend, I put my best friend on the back burner. In my head, it seemed logical.

I was more than wrong.

Here's how it would play out every time: I would date a boy, think I was in love, but then have no one to talk about it to, because I ditched my best friend too many times and now she wants nothing to do with me. That is understandable.

My relationship with that boy would go through a rough patch and I would have to bottle it all up, because I ditched my best friend too many times and now she wants nothing to do with me.

That is understandable. Finally, my relationship would end and I would be left with no one, but myself.

Your best friend is your best friend for a reason. It seems as if putting a significant other over your friend is occurring quite frequently these days. Not just with girls who are friends, but also boys who are friends. But since I am 100% female, this is what I think:

Your best friend hypes you up into catching feelings for a new boy.

Your best friend is there for you when you are your new boy get in your first fight.

Your best friend tells you when to stop going back to a certain boy.

Your best friend listens when you don't listen and go back to a certain boy.

You best friend holds your hand when you're crying over the dumbest shit.

Your best friend answers your FaceTime calls when you get back from a date you didn't tell her about.

Your best friend forfeits sleep to listen to your "I am tired of being treated like shit" rants.

Your best friend has been there way longer than a boy that you just met.

Stop treating her as if it's the other way around. Thank her for never giving up in your "I am done with him" scenarios. Thank her for loving you no matter what you choose to do. Apologize to her for you making her a second option/choice.

Sure, this article would be different if you had been with the same guy for years. I know there comes a point in life where you need to focus on your intimate relationships and start your life. But that is not what this article is about.

Your best friend will always be there for you when a boy cannot be.

You need to realize that before the most important person in your life is gone.

"How do you lose a woman?" -Mr. Mosby

"You forget to cherish her.." -Cody, from Suite Life of Zack and Cody

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