Dear man that called my dad a derogatory name,

You don't know me, and I don't know you, but since we live in the same state I'm sure we've crossed paths before. I do hope this gets to you somehow. I'm the daughter of the man whom you called the n-word to because he was helping someone out of their burning car in November.

What you said was wrong, disrespectful, and absolutely disgusting. My dad was helping the man out of his burning car so that he wouldn't die, and you got upset that you couldn't drive past this accident so you screamed "move n-word."

Let me start off by saying what my dad did that day was heroic. He selflessly put himself in danger so that he could help someone in need. Instead of screaming derogatory slurs, maybe you could have learned from my dad and helped out.

The reason why we have Black Lives Matter and people taking a knee is that of people like you. We are tired of the constant verbal abuse. We are tired of getting called the n-word. We are sick of it all, so this is our way of trying to protest.

I'm not going to wish bad upon you or your family. Instead, you are in my prayers. I feel extremely bad for you, considering you think that screaming slurs is acceptable. I want you to get the peace of mind and heart you deserve. I hope you find what void you're missing. I hope you repent and realize what you did (or are still currently doing) is/was wrong. I hope you think about my dad's feelings as you called him that.

I forgive you, even though you never apologized. I truly hope your family members never have to get called a derogatory name, because trust me it doesn't feel nice. We are all equal, remember that.

I will continue to pray for you, and I hope you find peace and serenity in your heart. Please don't continue to behave that way. Treat everyone with respect.


Daughter of the man whom you called a derogatory name.