To My Baby, Thank You For Making Me So Happy

To my puppy Macky,

Even though you are eleven years old, you are still my puppy. Even in the future when you are no longer around and I am long out of the house with a family and a dog of my own, you will still be my puppy.

I remember getting you after we had to give up our last dog that we only had for a day (I'm still mad that my dad and my sister couldn't just deal with their allergies.) I was heartbroken because he was the first dog I ever had and from the moment I saw him, I loved him. Being the dramatic little seven year old that I was, I cried for days. When my parents announced that we were going to look at puppies that my dad and sister wouldn't be allergic to, I was skeptical. But then I saw you.

You were the cutest little gray pup, only the size of a tissue box. I immediately picked you up and told my parents that you were the one. My parents were choosing between you and one of your brothers, but as soon as I put you down and you trotted over to some newspaper on the ground to use the bathroom, my parents also knew that you were the one.

Throughout the years you have not only become the cutest part of our family, but you have become everyone's best friend. I have seen you go from a tiny playful puppy to a slightly overweight but just as playful dog. You have moved with me, grown with me, and seen me through all my most awkward phases. Now that I'm in college, you are the first thing I look forward to when I come home. In fact, the other day I saw a dog the same breed as you at the park and I started to cry.

I'm sorry that I always try to pick you up and wrap you in blankets like a baby. I'm also sorry that you have to deal with mine and (my dads) horrible singing. Whenever you get mad at me just remember how I'm always the one to hand you food underneath the table during dinner.

Even though I lost half of my socks because you always steal them from my laundry, I still love you. Even though you take kitchen rags off the counter and run around with them until I bribe you with a treat to get them back, I still love you. Even though you make it clear that you like my mom more than you like anyone else in the family, I still love you.

To my cute little baby Macky, thank you for making me so happy. - Your favorite older sister, Abby

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