To The Little Girl Who Isn't So Little Anymore

To The Little Girl Who Isn't So Little Anymore

You aren't the same little girl who thought boys had cooties.

Angeles Isabel Cuevas Cervantes

Dear Yadi,

This is the year you turn 15 and as I look back at our time, I see how much you have grown.

You aren't the same little girl that I would babysit and play movie theater with. You aren't the same little girl who thought

boys had cooties. But, some things never change. You are still my baking buddy for the holidays. You still make

me laugh with all of your weird quirks. You still love to read as much as you did when you were little.

And you will always be my Yogurtopia crepe queen! I still remember when you were so tiny I could carry you in my arms.

I am so proud of the person you are becoming. I admire your passions in life and how caring you are towards others.

As you grow up, I hope you never stop reaching out to me when you need advice. I hope you never get too old for

our baking craziness. You have become like a little sister to me. I thank God every day that your mom and your dad met

because if they hadn't, I wouldn't have you. We went from painting pictures to taking them.

We went from eating yummy treats to baking them. Some of our favorite memories happened in the

kitchen. Whether it be your questionable ugly sweater Christmas cookies or the mess that we made with icing. We have

an abundance of memories that could never be put into words because as we once said: "you just had to be there."

Our most recent family vacation was one for the books. Do you remember the time I made a movie theater stand when I

was babysitting you and Yese. Babysitting the two of you didn't even feel like babysitting because you guys were so

fun to be around. It is never a dull moment with you two.

I hope this year brings you an endless amount of happiness. I hope it brings you laughs and smiles.

I am so happy you chose me to be one of your godmothers, it is an honor. So yeah, a lot has changed since we were

younger. A lot has evolved and there is a lot unknown, but that's okay. I know growing up isn't as exciting as you

thought it would be, but its time. Growing up doesn't have to be that bad. Although growing up means more

responsibilities, it also means more freedom. More freedom to go to Yogurtopia, or spend the entire day at the library,

or spend your paychecks on new book series or on food. If you decide to, pretty soon you will be headed off to

college and I can't wait to see who you become. I know you were born to make a difference in the world, but it

is up to you to figure out what that is. Until then, enjoy life. Go out and have fun or stay home and read a book or

catch up on some shows. But whatever it is you do, enjoy it. Life is too short to not enjoy every moment.

And as your 15th birthday approaches, I hope you know I am here for anything you may need.

Love, Ange

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