To The Girl With Dating Rules

Stop it. Take it from a girl who had a list of types of people she wouldn't date or things he had to have for her to date them. Stop it.

Some of the things that were on my 'board' of things a guy had to/couldn't have were that he had to religious, had to be older than me and definitely not military because I had seen how those relationships actually end (if you don't know it is normally terribly).

Last year, I broke one of these rules, I dated a boy in the military. Yes, he fit everything else on the list except for the fact he was in the military. Take it from the girl who would literally turn the opposite way of a boy who mentioned he was in the military, this was completely out of the ordinary for me.

It started out as a normal relationship, our first date was to the movies. I had a great time and felt something that I had never felt with even a person that I had dated for a year.

Within a few days, we knew so much about each other and I only wanted to know more. There was just something completely different about this boy. We would go back and forth just asking questions to get to know each other as well as we could. We were both so invested and motivated to know each other so well.

Soon, we met each other's families which both of them loved the other. But then it happened. One of us realized that we have a lot of life left to live and neither of us really know for sure where we are going. Why should we possibly end on terrible terms instead of just ending things now and becoming just friends?

Of course, both of our hearts were broken. We didn't want things to end but also sometimes things are for the best at that time.

I can tell you that I have never experienced a heartbreak like this. It was a feeling that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I had dated guys for so much longer than this and was upset about those relationships for maybe 10 minutes. But this one was different. As I said, this boy was different.

So, to the girl who has lists of things her future boyfriend must or cannot have. To the girl who is so strict on these rules that if he doesn't fit perfectly to it she won't even take a second glance. Take that second glance. While my heart was broken worse than ever in this, I also learned so much about myself and relationships through it. I wouldn't take this relationship back if I could. If you're are willing to take that step out of your comfort zone, you may realize that maybe your list won't help you find your 'perfect guy'. You'll learn so much about yourself and relationships if you do it, even if it does end in heartbreak.

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