To Everyone Going to The Final Warped Tour.

I remember the first time I had ever gone to Warped Tour. It was my first music festival ever and I didn't know what to expect. I was so worried for what was to come. When me and one of my best friends went, we arrived at the hotel and hangout for a while. Thinking of all the people we wanted to see. We got ready for bed early and prepared for the day before. When we woke up, we woke up at 5 am and got ready for what was going to be the best day of our lives. When we got there, it was full of love and life. I have never seen so many different types of people all in one area. I automatically felt this rush of happiness over me and I felt as though I never wanted to leave. Finally, once the bands started to play, we tried to find what time the bands we for sure wanted to see. People were dressed in anime clothes, favorite outfits from music videos, or just half nude. It was the craziest thing. Everyone was so nice. It was a different type of environment. one I had never been in. The only con I can think of was that it was so hot, that when I saw my favorite band of all time, I almost passed out. I had a big thing of water with me, but I didn't drink any water the whole time they were on the stage. After they were done and left the area, I almost fell over and my friend dragged me to the water gate. The water gate is a big gate with water hose hanging from it, shooting out water. I was fine after that. Then the last band we saw before leaving, was PVRIS. They had such a big crowd, and everyone was squished together under the hot sun. We left right after because both of us were exhausted.

This is the very last year of Warped Tour. I am very sad to say that I will not be going. But as for the people who are, I have some advice and words for you. Bring a portable charger, bring a big water bottle, bring a sharpie, bring a stringed bag so you must carry anything in your hands, and the very last thing. Bring a good attitude. Nobody likes a grumpy person when it is supposed to be a great experience. Please make it the best one yet.

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