Putting two strong-minded people together will always be difficult. What's even worse is two differing age groups with very unique perspectives on life. When a two-sided topic comes into discussion, it usually starts off civil, becomes emotional, and then quickly turns to not speaking at all. This results in both people portraying a closed-minded personality. I hate seeing this between two generations, it looks like hatred if you're observing from afar. Can't someone just be the bigger person?

Having the ability to converse without accusing and having to be 'right' all the time is extremely important. It's being aware that every human being thinks differently and may have an opposing opinion that contradicts your own. This is okay, this is life. No one wants to talk with a narrow-minded person that can't see any other opinion but their own. That will only lead to arguing and not a civil conversation. Learning to converse instead of argue takes practice, but it will allow you to become a more respectful person in general.

For the most part, I believe that my generation handles this topic better than any of the older ones. Maybe this is because we look up to people who can't listen but only lecture why they are right and you're wrong. Seeing this makes us want to be better listeners and we are aware that not everyone is the same. There is a reason we are known for being 'inclusive', 'understanding' and 'willing to embrace diversity like no other generation'. This doesn't mean that we lack pride and let others walk all over us, it's the complete opposite actually. Most of us are just more aware that we should respect others' opinions instead of closing them out. After all, that is what makes each of us different, if everyone had the same opinion, life would be boring.