A Letter To My Best Friend From Home

A Letter To My Best Friend From Home

Summer is quickly approaching and I can't wait for every minute we have together.

Mya Pfeifer

To my best friend,

In just a few short weeks we will be back for summer. I can't wait to be back together and back to doing all of the crazy things we usually do. I still can't believe we made it a year while so far apart. At the same time though, I'm thankful we've been so far away. It's made every reunion so sweet.

It's made every minute we've spent together over breaks feel like a gift. Most importantly, it's showed me how much I took our time together before college for granted. So, as I'm getting excited to come home and have our time together again, it's making me very happy and thankful for you, so in this letter to you, I'm going to pour my heart out and maybe (hopefully) make you shed a tear.

The first thing I've been looking back on and feeling nostalgic about has been, weirdly enough, the bad times together. For four years, we'd go to class together, go to practice together, work together, and hang out together every day. I never thought I'd say this, but I wish I could go back in time and pick you up for school and goof around in AP Bio just one more time.

I wish that just one more time, we could be on the sidelines at a football game absolutely freezing. I even wish that just one more time, we could go back and experience dance practice (and that's saying a lot). None of these things were particularly fun or exciting, and some of them were downright bad experiences, but we were together and that's what made them precious moments that I now look back on with a smile.

Luckily, this summer, I'm putting it out there now, we're going to get to have only good times together. I can't wait to go to the beach and get horribly sunburnt. I can't wait to just drive around or go to Walmart because there's nothing better to do. Honestly, I can't wait to just have the luxury of being only a mile away.

Also, something I haven't been able to stop thinking about is how insane the distance is. Before we could drive, I felt like we lived so far away because I had to ask my parents to drive me to your house. Now it takes an entire plane ride for us to be together. It's just a crazy to put in perspective.

What I'm trying to say here is that I'm excited to have our distance decrease and our time increase. I'm thankful for our time apart because it's going to make this summer even better. It's going to remind me to be thankful for every little thing we get to do together. Just a few more short weeks, and we'll be back.

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