Time To Start Treating Yourself To Health

It's Time To Stop 'Treating Yourself' And Start Taking Care Of Yourself

Treating yourself after a long week or doing well on an exam is very easy to do because it feels good to earn something you want after working so hard. BUT what about the concept of treating yourself to better health?

There are ways to treat yourself for all of your hard work but in a healthier manner. I feel like for a lot of people that means a few things like spending too much money, eating something that isn't good for them or doing something that's not good for them.

Here are three ways to make healthier and better choices for rewarding yourself.

Indulge in that good stuff

Usually, after a test, I want a coffee. I try really hard to stay away from them because I want to feel like I earned it, but I'm also dairy intolerant. So, because I have terrible self-control, I order coffee with regular milk or cream and act like my stomach isn't killing me because it tastes better. Now that I'm a little more self-aware I will still get a coffee but I make the conscious effort to get it without any dairy, period. I'm helping myself feel better in two different ways. My stomach will stop hurting and coffee just puts me in a good mood after tests whether I feel like I did good or not (lol).

Spending money isn't always a bad thing

Shopping is my weakness. I get this overwhelming urge to spend money when I am done for the week or when we are on a school break, which is literally all the time. It's not good. I've decided that if I am going to spend money I should be buying things that are beneficial to my health. So instead of buying the $80 Lululemon shirt I wanted, I felt that I probably wouldn't feel guilty if I bought beauty products. Like face wash, facial brush, moisturizers, lotions, shampoo, you name it and I bought it. I did a lot of research before buying new products, I went for mostly natural products but, of course, they were more expensive. I can honestly say I feel way better about spending money on things like that than the once a year Lululemon clothing item.

Get away from your screen

Another thing I like to do after I'm done with work, school or tests is sit in bed and watch YouTube or Netflix for literal hours. While that's not a bad thing always, it can catch up to you. I really try not to watch anything during the week because I get easily sucked in and can't stop so I end up not doing other things that should be doing instead. Instead, if I have free time I try to keep myself busy with errands because I always have a million things to do rather than sit in front of my computer. And, if I am done with my errands and things I have to do, sometimes I just take a nap or listen to a podcast. Trust me, making more out of your time is really worth it.

All in all, I'm not saying everyone has the same problem with treating yourself after working hard because there is nothing wrong with earning something you want. These are just a few things I've tried instead of the alternative.

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