To All the Colleges I Didn't Attend

Sometimes when scrolling through my social media feeds, I start to wonder what it would have been like if my life was different. If I had picked a different college or university to attend, or a different major to complete …or a completely different life. Well, the truth is, St.John’s was not actually my top choice. It wasn’t that I had my heart set on any particular school I applied to, but if I had to rank the schools I applied to even at the beginning of my senior year, St. John’s was not even in my top 5.

You see, I had visited so many beautiful campuses, from the hilly elitist campus of Lehigh to the fast-paced Fordham Manhattan campus. However, I was not quite sold on going away to college or being 6 feet under in debt for a 4-year degree when I had plans of possibly attending law school in the future. But as my first full year of college comes to an end, I wanted to reflect back on the decision I made over a year ago to attend St. John’s and what I may or may not regret about not attending another school.

To all the schools I didn't attend,

You all had unique programs and aspects of your campuses to offer me.

You also all had much bigger campuses than the campus I spend most my time on now...and now I cannot imagine being in a class with more than 50 kids.

I am still proud of being accepted to each of your classes of '21 and I am grateful for the scholarship money some of you offered me.

I still sometimes wonder what it would be like to be part of such great art and music programs since my campus doesn't have a very established one at the moment.

It may have been easier to walk straight out of a dorm to class instead of commute an hour and half to my campus each day,but on the bright side I learned what time management was fairly quickly.

I wonder what life would have been like as Criminal Justice major/Journalism Major/ or even Prelaw major as opposed to a History Major.

I also wonder how many other students wonder all of these exact same things.


A Former Applicant to your School

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