To All The Boys I'VE Loved Before
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To All The Boys I'VE Loved Before

I remember purposely sitting by him so that I could hold his hand during the Our Father.

To All The Boys I'VE Loved Before
Cassidy Burger

Last year when Netflix's "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" came out I was PUMPED. Not just because I thought Noah Centineo was hot, or because I read the book (which I didn't) but because I am a sucker for a good romcom. It honestly doesn't even have to be that good and I'll probably love it. Give me a cute couple in love and some genuinely funny jokes and I will spend a Saturday evening watching it on Netflix. So, to say I liked the movie would be an understatement. I loved it. Sure, there were some incredibly cringey lines and some not so stellar scenes, but hey, I guess I'm just a romantic.

The other night a few of my friends and I decided to watch this movie for the millionth time. We, of course, made fun of it and felt our hearts turn to goo whenever Peter did something cute. While we continued to sip White Claws and discuss where our own Peter Kavinsky's must be hiding I got to thinking about all the boys I've "loved" before. Exposing all of Lara Jean's past crushes ended up working for her, so maybe it'd work for me.

Just kidding. I am not trying to spark a flame with any of these people. I just think it would be interesting to write these little notes and reflect on all the significant crushes I've had in my life. So, here goes nothing.

1. Andrew (The Kindergarten Crush)

In Kindergarten I dreamed of dancing with Andrew on the playground. This is something I legit thought about when I was supposed to be learning how to write my name and all that jazz. Something about his dark hair and dimples gave me life. We went to a Catholic school so we went to mass every Tuesday morning. I remember purposely sitting by him so that I could hold his hand during the Our Father. Sadly. nothing progressed past our hand-holding in church. We haven't talked in years, but I sure hope some lucky lady is holding his hand both in church and out of it.

2. Cole (The Rest of Elementary School) 

Once I was over Andrew my little heart moved on to Cole and it didn't stop for years. We made it official, I'm pretty sure, at the end of Kindergarten and dated until the fourth grade...or around then. It was pretty serious. We had supervised play dates at our houses, his parents met my parents and we sometimes held hands on the playground. It was a lot more serious than what I had going on with Andrew.

3. Gary (Early Middle School)

In fifth grade I made the switch from private school to public school and absolutely loved it. Public school was one million times better than private school. I got to wear whatever I wanted, the lunches were better and I got to meet a whole bunch of new people. Except I was painfully shy and didn't make a lot of friends at first. However, I did have the BIGGEST crush on a kid named Gary. Maybe it was because he had super cute dimples. Maybe it was because he had jet black hair. Maybe it was because we lived in the same neighborhood so I for some reason thought that was an obvious reason why we should date. We sadly did not date, but I will forever remember constantly talking to my friends in fifth grade about how "hot" he was when he played flag football.

4. Wyatt (Middle School)

I honestly completely forgot about having the biggest crush on Wyatt until I thought into the depths of my mind, which is insane because I was in LOVE with this kid. He was pretty darn tall for an eighth grader, so naturally this meant he was hot. He was also in choir and could sing. Again, another reason to be in love with him. Lucky for me, he didn't even know my name or that I existed. Plus, when we got to high school he wasn't even in choir so I said goodbye to Wyatt the first day of Freshman year.

5. Nathan (High School) 

Ah, yes. Now we finally get to the first boyfriend. I honestly don't have much to say for this one. All I can say is we had some good times and some bad times, but you were the first for a lot of things and I do appreciate the good times and the lessons that were learned.

6. Tevion (High School)

He was the quarterback (I think?). Do I really need to elaborate?

7. Some Kid In My Sophomore College Spanish Class

Unfortunately, I don't even remember his name. But dang, he was a cutie. He was incredibly bad at Spanish, but he was super duper cute.

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