To all the girls who have cried in the dressing room

To All The 'Bigger' Girls Who Have Cried In A Dressing Room, It's Not Your Body — It's The Clothes

We’ve all been there, and it never gets any easier.


Hey girl, I know what it's like.

That hatred and disgust you feel when you look in the dressing room mirror.

The tears that come inevitably no matter how shopping is going. The many “I'm ugly" or “I hate my body" thoughts you feel when those jean shorts are your size and they still just do not fit. It is a universal feeling that all girls have felt, especially those who are not a size two.

We all know the feeling of looking and looking and looking for that one item you need in your size.

The way your stomach plummets into your feet when you've tried on the dress in every size close to yours and it just isn't working. The way your eyes well up even when crying in the dressing room is the last thing you want to do. Being a girl sucks, but looking for clothes as a bigger girl sucks even worse.

It isn't you. It's clothes. No matter what apparel item it is, clothes do not fit the way they say they do.

Shopping is hard. It isn't you. It's clothes. Say it with me... It's clothes.

Just the other day my roommates and I were talking about the way shopping makes you feel, how it feels so awful walking into a Kohls just knowing there won't be anything there for you. The normal stuff is too small and the plus-size is too big. Your legs are too long and your torso is large or your shoulders are the build of a football player and your butt is nowhere to be found. It's hard. It's impossible. It's spirt crushing. Shopping with friends is no fun when the first thing they try on is perfect and you are stuck under an Everest of bad options. Prom shopping? Forget it. Might as well just wear the same t-shirt I wear every day.

You are not alone in these feelings, know that every girl around has felt this way at one point or another, and it is OK.

These feelings are normal and valid and the clothes are just stupid. The issue is not your body, it's clothes. Repeat, you are perfect. If you have ever cried in a dressing room, you are still perfect.

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