To All Mothers, With Love

To All Mothers, With Love

A Mother's Day poem to celebrate mothers everywhere

Though only one day out of the year is marked to celebrate moms, we all know just how important mothers are and deserving of endless gratitude every second of the day. This weekend show your appreciation for the mother in your life and remember the pathway in their hearts they’ve laid out for you to always have a place to find love and care.


By: Camille Jones

Say it once

and she beckons.

No hesitation in her steps.

Her call to action prompted

By the faintest cries.

Hear not aggression.

Her voice tastes

Sweetly of sugared things;

Cherry lip balm and coconut oil.

Sweeter too is her kindness

With unremarked forgiveness

For even the most regrettable faults.

Watch her stare

In it lies unwavering love

Outlined by tired rimmed eyes.

Though complaints never break

her smile-

Joyous expressions left like


lining paths where

love can be found.

Call her mother

Or a shortened form of affection.

Whatever preferred title,

Make sure appreciation

Paints the sky

Brightly streaming

for all to see.

One day fails to commemorate

A mother’s work.

Instead, use today to mark a path.

Leave your breadcrumbs for a mother

Where she may find your love

And rest her tired eyes.

Cover Image Credit: milledgevillemainstreet

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