Tired Of Pokémon Go? Introducing Pokémon Drive!

Tired Of Pokémon Go? Introducing Pokémon Drive!

Pokémon Go is old news, time your car and play the newest version!


Pokémon Go has gripped America over the past week or so. Never having participated in the Pokémon culture myself, I was stunned by how many of my friends became obsessed with the new game within hours of its release.

For those who do not know, Pokémon Go is an app that allows the player to search for and capture Pokémon in the real world. The player may walk down the streets on a GPS and try to “Catch em’ all!” A Pokémon is typically a rat mixed with a plant, or a rabbit mixed with some kind of material like rocks or dirt. In fact, a figure shows that 83% of all Pokémon are half bunny.

Despite the recent popularity the new game has achieved, its makers are already seeing a steep decline in usage. It appears that it might just have been a fad that was destined to die once the shock value wore off. Therefore, the Pokémon Go creators have worked extremely hard to quickly produce their new app: Pokémon Drive.

Pokémon Drive has all of the best elements of Pokémon Go. There is a GPS and you must go around and look for the little rabbit-like creatures in the streets. But there is one key difference: you must play the game while you are driving.

I know exactly what you are thinking, why didn’t I come up with that idea! Well its producers are just as excited, and they want you to know just how fun the game is. They released the following statement:

“Welcome to Pokémon Drive! In this updated game you will drive your car down the various American highways, boulevards, streets, and avenues, staring at your phone or mobile device in search of Pokémon. And remember, don’t bother trying to do so when you’re walking, because it only works when you’re in a car!”

The fan reaction has been incredible. One gamer stated, “Never has gathering Pokémon been so fun and easy. Last night I was cruising down I-94, I was looking down at my phone for the rare Mewtwo, when I steadily drifted in the left lane without noticing. The car behind me had to swerve to get out the way just in time, and he gave me a violent honk. It was perfect timing, I noticed my driving error, and I got back in my lane just in time to catch Mewtwo, completely by mistake!”

Another gamer, who had downloaded the game as soon as it came out, said, “This game makes Pokémon Go look like the old card game I used to play. Yesterday I was driving my four children to school, and I decided to play some Pokémon Drive. My annoying kids kept on telling me to “keep your eyes on the road,” or “you missed that red light”, or “you just hit mom,” but I learned to tune them out. I actually collected 6 Pokémon that day, this game rocks!”

I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next! I did hear a rumor they were developing a version exclusively for pilots, but I can never be sure.

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