Alright, the time that you have been waiting for is here…. college time!!! This is the first time that you are going away from home for more than a week or two. It is time for you to pack up your favorite comforter and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. College is a time to meet new friends, explore new classes, and experience life away from home. Whether it is your first year at college or your fourth year, it is always important to set up your dorm the way you want it. Your dorm will be your home away from home, so here are some tips to make your dorm room “Pinterest-worthy.”

1. Find a comforter that matches you.

When picking out a comforter for your bed, find one that fits your personality. My bedspread is blue, black, and white with a lot of different designs on it, and I chose it because it was a reasonable price and I love the color blue! My friend also had a cute comforter with lots of pillows.

2. Maximize your space.

Most dorm rooms are not super big, so it is important to take advantage of all the space in your room. Most people at the University of Georgia raised up their beds, and they put their desks underneath their beds. That way they had a little study nook, and their desk did not take up a lot of extra space.put their desks underneath their beds.

3. Set up matching decorations with your roommate.

I saw people do this, and I thought it was adorable. They had matching rugs and wall decorations. Helpful tip: When hanging up things on your walls, make sure that you have strong enough tape to hang stuff up, because my tape was not strong enough for my wall decorations. [Insert frowny face here.] Also, remember to bring pictures of friends and family to remind you of home!

4. Plan ahead of time with your roommate about what you both want to do to set up your room.

If you know who your roommate is ahead of time, make sure you talk to them so you both can decide how to decorate your room. Decide who is going to get the bed by the window, where to put furniture, which decorations to hang up, etc.

5. Put the beds sideways by one wall.

That way you have more space in your room and it will seem bigger and more open.

6. Get a bean bag chair or a comfy spot.

Find a comfortable chair to sit in so that you can upwind and relax somewhere other than your desk and your bed. Also, comfy chairs are perfect for when friends come to hang out with you and your roommate.

7. Don’t bring too much stuff.

I mean, if you leave really far away, then I understand that you need to bring all your clothes. However, if you live in the same state as your college, you should not crowd your closet by bringing in all your clothes. Just bring this season’s clothes, so that you don’t have too many clothes.

8. Bring organizers.

Organizers have helped me put away my school supplies and other stuff. That way my stuff is put away in neat place.

9. Get shower organizers!

Showers organizers are a great way to organize you and your roommate's bathroom stuff! Plus, it is easier to already have your shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom, so you don't have to remember to take it in with you every time.

These are my tips! Whatever you do when you go to college, make sure you make lots of friends and study hard! College will become your home away from home! Have a great time and enjoy your Pinterest-worthy room!