10 Tips to Survive Final Exams in College

How to Survive Exams

It’s almost that time of the semester, and class is almost done. But not until you finish final exams. It can be stressful too, and a hectic time as you cram in everything to make sure you are finally prepared.

1. Study early: Study before the test early by reviewing the notes from last class and stay on top of school work.

2. Take notes and ask questions: If you are not sure of something, ask the teacher, but one teacher if you ask a question he will just say google it.

3.Highlight the important parts in text books: If the professor assigned you a text book then go through the book if you can highlight it and write it down.

4. Create a study guide, this is very important since it will help you to study for the finals.

5. Find out what kind of final it is since some are cumulative, and some are not. Some are going to be the last half of the semester and some are just the chapters or lectures they went over.

6. Study in a group this can be better since you can ask questions, and see the information they wrote down.

7. Don’t pull an all-nighter instead study a few days before so you can remember everything.

8. Drink energy drinks while studying so it can help jump start your mind. (But not too much)

9. Relax during the test, and don’t rush.

10. Drink after the test to celebrate the fact that you made it through finals. You do have to give yourself a reward.

Exams are important to pass the class, but it’s not the end of the world. It will pass, and then you can enjoy winter break, and relax. Then don’t do what I have done and look over the answers you missed that will drive you crazy. Above all relax especially after you get grades back, and find out you passed!

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